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Save Our Unique Landscape- A World Heritage Site, not another development. Preserving unique and precious landscapes for future generations

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This project is going ahead under the Special Housing Area legislation. This legislation is written in such a way that it completely keeps public consultation out of the process. If SHA62 goes ahead it will turn this green space into an over-crowded urban area with 480 high density houses.

This will have a massive impact on access and on your use of the adjacent Otuataua Stonefields.

Save Our Unique Landscape (SOUL) campaign has been working hard to ensure objections to SHA62 are heard in this thoroughly non-democratic process.

Please look at our website for more detail of what the SOULdiers have been up too, and why this land is so sacred.

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Kia Kaha SOUL  3 September 2016

At last, a response to our petition...

Last year over 4000 people signed our petition to protect Ihumatao by revoking its SHA designation. Very likely, you were one of the signatories. We have, at last, received the official response, which acknowledged our concerns but explained why the SHA designation "cannot be revoked".

In the words of our local Mangere MP, S'ua William Sio:

“Our community will be left with no other choice but to heighten our peaceful protest if an amicable resolution is not found.”

We call on the Government and Auckland Council to convene a collaborative process that includes all the stakeholders—including the landowners, the developers, the residents of the papakainga at Ihumatao, and the petitioners—to explore alternative approaches to the future use of the site that may resolve the current dispute." Time is running out!

SOUL has been campaigning now for 18 months, yet there is still a lot of work to do!

Thanking all of our supporters!

We need people power #protectihumatao

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Latest donations

  • Duane Major

    Duane Major on 28 Jun 2017


    Inspired! Thanks for the vision and the great efforts.


  • Rachel Shearer

    Rachel Shearer on 13 Jun 2017


    In solidarity


  • Carol Winstanley

    Carol Winstanley on 13 Jun 2017


    Many Thanks to all who work to save this Taonga. First and foremost, of course, the holding on to ancestral lands. And this is also mankind's legacy, the last great landing on humanity's exploration and settlement of the globe. It is World Heritage, and all New Zealanders should be in support of this momentous struggle.


  • Becky

    Becky on 31 May 2017


    What a beautiful place, totally worth protecting


  • Anita Divers

    Anita Divers on 30 May 2017



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$10,705 donated

Given by 110 generous donors in over a year

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