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Sponsor a Kilometre for Young Women’s Wellbeing

  • We did it!

      24 November 2019

    I'm sitting in a beautiful little cafe called 'Rumi' in the middle of Amman, Jordan (having left Oman yesterday) reflecting on the epic adventure that was, and how very grateful I am for all the support Shift received through this fundraising effort. THANK YOU!

    I still haven't processed the actual 'event', but what I can say is that it far exceeded my expectations in both toughness and how much I enjoyed every second of it! The good (descending MASSIVE dunes whilst singing at the top of my lungs), the bad (climbing MASSIVE dunes and swearing loudly) and the ugly (a couple of tip top blisters, a ton of sand in EVERYTHING and minimal cleanliness!). I am hooked!

    So... we did it! Thank you! Beyond grateful to all you very generous humans who donated and if you have a minute check out the final video from stage five - you'll hear me screeching towards the finish line, followed by a massive high five to the camera person. Weeeee did itttttt! WOW!

    Here's to all the beautiful young women in the world and your contribution to supporting their wellbeing.

    Aroha nui.

    Fran xxx

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  • So far from home and only three sleeps to go!

      14 November 2019
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    Kia ora whānau,

    I've arrived! And it's spectacular! The Middle East has a special place in my heart and I'm loving visiting a new part of it.

    The flight was lllloooonnnnggggg - 26 hours to get to Oman. I battled to keep my eyes open until 6pm last night but today has been much better.

    An early run along the beach, with a full moon watching over us, followed by a fabulous breakfast at our boutique accommodation (pancakes, fruit, homemade yogurt, hummus and fresh bread - yum!). Spent the day in Muscat visiting the Mutrah Souq, Oman National Museum, the Sultans Palace and Qurum Beach + more incredible food and of course a lemon mint.

    I'm feeling really grateful to be here, and supremely grateful to all the generous humans who donated or shared this page to help support Shift. I'm amped to get going on Thursday (when we head into the desert) and to begin the adventure on Saturday morning. If you want to follow on visit - I think there will be daily updates and you can even send me a message!

    So.... thank you and wish me luck! I'll check back in post race to let you know how grueling (and probably life changing) it was.

    Arohanui xxx

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  • Three weeks to go!

      22 October 2019
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    This time in three weeks I'll be winging my way to Muscat, Oman. CAN NOT WAIT! I'm extra pumped today after reading the lovely article Suzanne McFadden (Lockerroom) wrote about Shift's kaupapa and my journey. Thank you Suzanne. I'm also extremely motivated by the donations from friends, whānau and STRANGERS! Yes! You amazing humans who have come across this link, or seen the story that Suzanne wrote, and made a contribution to Shift and our mahi to improve the wellbeing of young women.

    If you missed the article here's a link:

    Finally, I should report that the training is going well. Last big week/weekend coming up with a planned 4 days back to back covering 75km and then a sports massage on Monday! Ahhhhhhhh.

    Thank you again for your support. It's super motivating! I'll send another update just before I head off.

    Arohanui. Fran xxx

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  • Wow! Thank you! ❤️

      3 September 2019
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    It’s been just over a week since I posted about my fundraiser for The Shift Foundation and I want to do a shout out to all you beautiful humans who have made a donation! THANK YOU! Your messages have been an inspiration and my training has increased a level - “...If I’m raising funds for young women’s wellbeing, which I’m super passionate about, I can't back out!”

    I did a half marathon in the Abel Tasman on Saturday, if you haven’t been there, it’s a must! Unbelievable views, truly paradise on earth. Backed up by another 15km on Sunday (a lost and found dog and a few blisters) - there’s always a story!

    Am having a couple of days off and then into an 100km week.... time is ticking and young women’s wellbeing won’t wait!

    Please share if you think you know someone who might support this mahi, and thank you for following along (especially those who have been part of the Shift journey since 2016) xxx

    PS check out the video from last year’s Oman Marathon! Epic!

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