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Let's get Staavias get to the US.

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With only 10 days notice, I need your support to get me to the US for a once in a lifetime opportunity! It's a dream come true....

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I'm Gustavia Lui, Founder and CEO of Staavias - providing women with premium footwear in sizes 10 to 14 wide.

As a woman, having big feet can be embarrassing. On top of the embarrassment, it's so hard to find shoes that fit large, wide feet?!! It's so crazy. I struggled for so many years to find great shoes. I just wanted shoes that

- Actually fit my feet comfortably

- Looked good so I could feel good

- Didn't squash, ruin or numb my poor toes!!

I didn't actually think it was too much of an ask - I see so many other people wearing shoes that tick all the boxes. Apparently it was :(

I started to dream of opening a store with womens plus size shoes, and while working towards that dream, I dreamed even bigger! I dreamed of owning my very own footwear brand.

Last year I finally had the courage to quit my full time, great paying job after 9 years, to work full time on my business. I launched an online store in January 2016 and since then we've gone from strength to strength, achieving much more than I'd ever imagined. We've been featured on TV, Radio, Magazines, NZ Herald and many others. Our shoes have been shipped internationally to 6 other countries. Such a blessing!

In the past couple of days I received a personal invitation from Zappos, who just so happens to be the biggest online shoe retailer in the world!!! Zappos is not only the biggest but one of the greatest in the world, every shoe brand aspires to be like Zappos including me!!

I've been personally invited to attend their exclusive annual vendor party in Las Vegas plus attend a 2 day workshop with the CEO and his team which includes a tour of the Zappos Headquarters as well as sponsored entry into the Magic Trade Show. On top of all this, I have been given the opportunity to present my shoe line to Zappos, with the goal of having Staavias sold through their online store. Talk about dreams do come true!!!

You may not know me or my story but I can assure you I wasn't born into wealth or privilege. I was raised in South Auckland and my background includes a history of physical and emotional abuse, being uplifted from home to the care of many different relatives. Attempted suicide, high school drop out and teen mother. I'm blessed to say that my trials didn't get me down at all. In fact, I've used the experience to help me grow as an individual.

Being a mother changed my entire life, I became obsessed with giving my son the best in life. Seeing a child for the first time, someone you can call your own was enough for me to make a decision to change my ways and do something for myself. I could've blamed everyone around me and chose to keep going down that path of destruction but deep down inside I just wanted to be happy. Plus, I really wanted to show everyone that had negative opinions of me growing up that I was capable of doing something great with my life. I wanted to show them that I could become someone one day. I'm so proud to say that I'm still on this journey today. I've grown up though and realised what others have to say about me or have said, doesn't matter. It has zero relevance to my life today. I'm doing this for me, I'm doing this for my husband and children, I'm doing this for my customers!! My goal is to inspire people along the way to do the same.

I've written a couple of blogs that will give you a more deeper understanding of my background and why I started Staavias. You're most welcome to read more at

This is a dream come true for me and a once in a life time opportunity!!! I'm truly honoured at the opportunity to talk and hang with some of the best in my industry and I know I cannot miss it for the world.

Today I am asking for your support and generosity to get me get there!! I appreciate anything that you are willing to give :)

I'll make sure to take videos and keep you in the loop! Thank you! xx

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Mel on 09 Aug 2016
You go GF! What an inspiration.
tua on 08 Aug 2016
All the best and safe travels!
Jessica Leituala
Jessica Leituala on 06 Aug 2016
Love you cuz . You got this . May God guide you all the way through ??
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 06 Aug 2016
Hae cuz hope my tiny donation helps you a wee bit excited for you. Wish you well and all the best God bless lots of love me
Anna on 05 Aug 2016

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