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Stand for Osama Abu Kwaik's Family - Victim of Christchurch Massacre

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Osama was one of the 50 victims killed in the Christchurch mosque massacre, leaving behind his wife and three kids (6, 4 and 1 years old).

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Osama Adnan Abu Kwaik was a beloved father, brother, and friend. He was a father of 3 kids, with the youngest being a one-year-old. He was a civil engineer working hard to ensure better future for his family.

The family moved to NZ as a skilled migrant in 2017. Osama attended Al Noor mosque where he was gunned down on Friday in Christchurch attack.

Osama was the bread winner for the family who relied solely on him to provide for their needs. Having recently moved to New Zealand doesn't help the situation either and it adds more to their financial pressure. Your donation will go towards creating a safety net for this family.

اسامة الذى قتل غدرا في الحادث الارهابى فى مسجد النور بمدينة كرايست تشرش كان مهندسا مدنيا هاجر الى نيوزيلاندا طموحا الى مستقبل افضل لاولاده الثلاثة واصغرهم ولد فى نيوزيلاندا منذ عام

مساهماتكم ستصل مباشرة لأسرته

Use of funds:

The funds will go to Asmaa KORDIA (Osama's wife) directly to help secure the young families future.

Please also note that there is another page for the family that can be found here -

Page created by:

Mohamd Abozeid


Personal friend. Our family was the first people Osama and his family met in New Zealand, and we have been their second family in New Zealand since then.

All funds raised benefit:

Asmaa Kordia


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Asmaa KORDIA.
“We need to have continues contact with family in case they need anything in the near and far future”
“Inshallah this will help. I know its not much and it won't bring him back. But inshallah it will help somehow.”
“Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.”
“Our family is thinking about you in your tough times. I find hard to find words to comfort you.”
“Thinking of you all at such a hard time. Love x”
“Our family wishes to send you all our love and kindness in this difficult time. you are all in our thoughts and prayers”
“Allah Er7amo”
“No money will make the pain easier, but one thing to worry less about at least.”
“ربنا يرحمك و يجعل مثواك الجنه”
“May Allah help his family.. rest his soul...”
  • $28,414.80 donated
  • 204 generous donors

$28,415 donated

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