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Steve Askin Family

on 26 Apr 2018

Sarah asks

Hi there,

Can you please email me on I'd like to see if you can help with a story.


Sarah Harris

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on 10 Dec 2017

Alice asks

Hi there, my name is Alice - I’m a journalist for the New Zealand Herald.

I’m looking into a story about a few of the givealittle pages that really got the country’s attention this year and Steve’s page really stood out to me as one of these. I was hoping someone from the family might be willing to have a chat to me about what this meant to the family, and how Elizabeth and the kids are doing now.

Would this be possible? My contact number is 0211427081 - it would be great to hear from you!


Steve Askin Family

Hi Alice, I am Elizabeth's sister. Thank you for getting in contact. Elizabeth has had a very tough year dealing with the loss of her husband Steve. She has only recently started to find some strength to take steps forward and is currently working on her small business which is keeping her very busy. I would be worried an interview might bring up some of those painful feelings and hinder her progress at this point. She is incredibly grateful, beyond words, for the generosity of people who donated to the Givealittle page and other people who were very kind and generous in other ways and is planning to make a public statement at some point to thank everyone. Could you possibly get in touch with me in 6 months or so and maybe we could work on something then? My email is Many thanks, Julie.

Steve Askin Family
on 19 May 2017

amy asks

Hi, can you please contact me about an on going donation I would like to involve your family in?

You can email at



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on 21 Feb 2017

New asks

Please give-a-little I agree with Jenny please waiver the fee for this lovely family whose husband gave so much to New Zealand this is the least we can do to give back. His service to our country will never be forgotten. Thank you.

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on 21 Feb 2017

Aaron asks

Bless you. I have made a donation and set up a recurring donation of $5 weekly. Your husband did such remarkable things in his life and will forever be cherished for this.

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on 20 Feb 2017

Jenny asks

I am very sorry for your loss and it has done nothing but warm my heart that so many people have been so generous.

I understand that Give a Little has to cover their costs etc but I am hoping / praying that in your case they don't take their 5 % fee. I wish you all the very best with life ahead. Please Give a little can you make an exception in this case? This extraordinary Man I am sure would want his wife and children to be without the worry of money. Give and you shall receive it back time and time again , sometimes when we least expect it :)

So proud to be a New Zealander !

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