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Steve Askin Family

  • Thank you letter from Elizabeth Askin

      30 December 2017

    To the kind people who have and are supporting and praying for us,

    I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for the out pouring of love the children and I have received, we are so blessed to receive the gifts that came through the Give-a-Little pages and the countless other gifts and the support shown in so many different ways. I am overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness, kindness, love, prayers and generosity expressed to the children and me. This journey is giving me a deeper appreciation of the pain and hurt in the world, and the wonderful kindness that is also in this world.

    Steve was much more than a decorated soldier and experienced pilot to his friends and family. For us he was a loving solid family man, a loyal friend, son, brother, uncle, husband, father and employee. For those of us who knew him personally, he was humble, honest, trustworthy, a hard worker, story teller, an encourager, always helpful and generous. He had a strong reassuring presence, funny with a great sense of humour. I loved hearing him laugh. He lived life to the full and inspired others including me to do the same.

    The moment I started dating Steve life got more interesting. On our first date he took me through my paces, a 5am windy helicopter ride, followed by a long walk around cliffs, then free diving for paua and crayfish in freezing water in our bathing suits. I knew a future with this guy would be exciting, and I was right. He introduced me to a whole other way of living which in part could be summed up in the question “What is around the next corner?”

    I gained so much from Steve in our years together, and it is extremely hard knowing that he won’t be around to teach his children his enthusiastic approach to life. Though none of us can fill his shoes, I am thankful to his family and loyal mates, and my family and friends, who all endeavour to do everything they can to love and support me and our children, giving the children great experiences, while acknowledging their father.

    Personally, I continue to learn from Steve. I know what he would do in certain situations, and how he would always encourage me. Steve’s positive attitude toward life is one of the things that gives me courage and confidence to move forward through this grief. I am so grateful for things that I have learned from Steve in the years we were together; they will always stick with me. Steve loved life, he said he needed ten lifetimes for all the adventures he dreamed about, and to achieve all of our goals. I grieve so much for my children because I know what an awesome father they have lost, I was so pleased knowing what a man of great character and fun the children had for a father.

    Steve and I have a strong faith in Jesus, the values that go with being a Christian is what drew me to him. His strong integrity and loyalty to friends and family was one of the things, I respected about him most. I would also thank God for putting us together, for the great team we were and the strong marriage we built. My respect and love for Steve grew deeper and deeper as the years went by.

    I miss him enormously; I am devastated and heartbroken by the huge loss of my partner in life. I am grateful for the years we had together and the funny, awesome children we were blessed with. The pain will always be there, when you love greatly you grieve greatly.

    Yours sincerely,

    God bless,

    Elizabeth J Askin

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  • We can't thank you enough

      27 February 2017

    Hello, I am Julie, Elizabeth Askin's sister. Words can not express how thankful we all are, especially Elizabeth, for the kindness and generosity you have shown since Steve's tragic death. It is been so hard to see my sister go through so much agony over losing her husband. They had so many exciting plans for the future, and he had so much to teach their children.

    Your donations have provided some hope for the future, and taken away a lot of worry Elizabeth had of providing for her children on her own. All of your beautiful comments have touched us all and provide a lot of comfort to Elizabeth.

    You are all now apart of their journey, and the years to come we will be able to tell Steve's children how so many amazing people helped them because of how special their father was.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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  • Life Insurance Clarification

      25 February 2017

    We have been made aware that miss communication between parties has lead to one of the updates being inaccurate. The update stated that Steve could not get life insurance due to his association with the NZ Army.

    During Steve's service with the regular Army, comprehensive life insurance is provided as part of the overall remuneration package. On Steve's release from the regular force this package was no longer provided. Steve and Elizabeth had discussed getting private life insurance but had not got around to it.

    Therefore, the facts are that Steve did not have life insurance when tragically taken from us on the 14th February 2017.

    If anyone has any issues or feels this information would have affected their donation please feel free to contact

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  • Elizabeth is overwhelmed with gratitude from support from everyone

      19 February 2017
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    Elizabeth Askin, Steve Askin's wife, is amazed how much support she has received from New Zealand and overseas.

    She is still in shock but has been encouraged by all the tributes that have come through as people donate using the Givealitte pages.

    "I think everyone wants to support Elizabeth, Bowie and Isabelle because they know what a huge sacrifice Steve made - both in the army and fighting the Christchurch fires," says cousin Chris Wilton.

    "But they also realise how much of a hard journey Elizabeth now must take with a four year old and seven year old to take care of on her own."

    The family is still raw from the ordeal and (Monday 20 February 2pm) the funeral will take place at Wigram Airforce Base. SAS members will carry the coffin so TV crews won't be allowed in - the army will film the funeral and make sure identities remain confidential.

    The family brought Steve's body home late last week and say it has been good to be able to touch the coffin and have Steve home with them.

    The whole family is grieving together but are comforted by knowing Steve had a strong faith in God.

    Elizabeth's sister Anne says Steve had recently said he wanted to spend more time with his family - something we all can learn from.

    "Seeing Liz in this pain is the hardest thing for me." says Anne.

    Elizabeth asks her sisters to regularly to read messages. They're a real help to her. The family has been emailing her words of love and support.

    Steve's Facebook page is now 'in memorium' and his mates have been posting tributes there too.

    Elizabeth has been concerned about how she is going to provide for her family but the donation pages are easing that burden. Elizabeth has just started two strawberry patches but has not reached the stage of getting revenue from them. The young family was saving for a deposit on a house.

    From Elizabeth, the Askin family and Gilchrist family - thank you thank you thank you! To further keep up the support please keep resharing the page!!

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  • Steve's Army Brothers will Also Help with the Funeral

      16 February 2017
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    Elizabeth is overwhelmed with gratitude for all the support received. Thank you for your contribution.

    I didn't realise when setting up this Givealittle page that some of Steve's Whanau Army Bros have kindly offered to help support the family and funeral (Steve is ex SAS). So YOUR contribution will help ease the financial burden in the years to come for Elizabeth, Isabelle (7) and Bowie (4).

    Steve was a man who always put his family first. A loving father, husband, brother, son, nephew and mate he lived tirelessly for others and gave his time freely to all. A man of his word with a strong moral compass he lived life to the fullest and encouraged those around him to do the same while smiling that infectious grin.

    The whole family is still in great shock and although dollars might not bring Steve back, your support will make the stress from this tragedy a lot easier to bear - so thank you.

    Chris Wilton (Elizabeth's cousin)

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    • 16/02/2017 by Alia

      Chris and family,

      We have much to share but for now, we just wanted to let you know that we are continuing to connect with friends and colleagues through the "One Great Man" Givealittle page we set up for you. I just had to share with you a comment that came through from a commander that worked with Steve. We will collect the comments and stories as we go, in the hope of preserving Steve's legacy for his children.

      Below is just one of countless many powerful recollections:

      "Steve was the leader we all aspire to be. He was absolutely fearless in battle (in his case a real war, the rest of us just have to face the boardroom!). He was always dedicated to his cause of the moment - whether this being saving lives under threat in the Hotel Intercontinental in Kabul, providing relief to families in earthquake ravaged Kaikoura, or fighting fires in the Port Hills.

      Steve was the consummate professional. Standards had meaning. Excellence was always aimed for, but he would accept what circumstances would allow him to achieve, as long as it was his best effort.

      Humble to a fault. Steve was humility personified. He would talk about his failures with a wry smile, but he would always talk about success in terms of what others had achieved alongside him.

      His family mattered to him. I worked with him when he was pretty much told by the SAS to have a long break after the tour to Afghanistan when he had the tip of his ear shot off. We gave him a job at the Army Leadership Centre but told him to put his family first for two years. He accepted our support gratefully, but never abused it.

      Working with leadership courses in the outdoors, Steve was an incredible mentor to students. His calmness, sense of humour and appreciation for little things helped others see a different side to life - what we would now call mindfulness."

      Love to you all and God bless,