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Justice For Steven

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We believe the New Zealand Police were negligent in following their policy and procedures from the time they confronted Steven.

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STEVEN WALLACE a loved son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend was gunned down in the Main Street of Waitara on 30th April 2000 by a Constable of the New Zealand Police. A Constable whose duty is to uphold the law and protect life, confronted Steven and within 64 seconds had fired 4 bullets into Stevens body leaving 9 entry and exit wounds. One shot into Steven's body was fatal, shattering Steven's liver. Steven later died in hospital.

The family have challenged the findings of the Police investigations for the past 16 years, resulting in costs to the family of over 150k.

On the 23rd June 2016, Justice Brown granted a civil case against the NZ Police to go ahead for Steven's right to life. Before the case can proceed the NZ Police seek security of 20k from the family.

We are hoping the good people of New Zealand will once again stand by the family by donating towards our costs, even if it's $1.

We are not only fighting for justice for Steven, but for every person out there, so no other family needs to go through this tragedy.

Please except this as a personal acknowledgement in advance to all those that support our fight.

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I am involved in this cause, firstly as Stevens sister and also a trustee of the Steven Wallace Trust Fund for Justice.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Steven Wallace Trust Fund For Justice.
“Murdering someone for smashing windows is despicable.Windows can be replaced,under insurance.Human beings can not.The murderer is a coward.And he knows it.”
“Good luck, stay strong.”
“Sorry I can't give more, Steven would be proud of your efforts.”
“It didn't seem quite right then - and it won't be until the family get reason and answers. Or anyone's family for that matter.”
“I have a stress disorder as a result of abuse - a 'mental health issue' I am refused services and become very unwell - mostly suicidal. I know the care I am entitled to and I have educated myself about stress disorders. Our govt currently stop people getting mental health care knowing they will harm others. The man who shot him was mentally unwell due to a stress disorder. Police knew this and let him work - he killed this disabled man and it has been covered up. I don't have much as rotting on welfare for years as ACC MH etc refuse me care and police are used to effectively threaten and intimidate me to be quiet - but I know how important this case is for me and others. Kia kaha to us all”
“Much love to you all...from me and my whanau in sydney xxxxx”
  • $1,986.00 donated
  • 22 generous donors

$1,986 donated

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