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Stevie's brain tumour battle - Updates - Givealittle

  • Post surgery update     16 September 2018

    The following is an update from Stevies Mum Tamarah after her surgery last tuesday:

    Stevie is doing really well! She has spent a lot of time resting and recovering. Her face and head are very swollen and bruised, she is pretty unrecognisable actually. she can’t open her right eye it is swollen shut but she handles it all So well I’m so proud of her amazing attitude!!

    She has moved her fingers and toes and looked me in the eye, she has spoken a few words to tell us where it hurts. She’s doing well 🙂

    She is in the absolute best care with such a skilled surgeon and caring nurses, we are very great full to the amazing team and starship!

    MRI shows a great result from surgery! The team will gather on Friday and come up with a plan for how they tackle the remaining of the tumour but I don’t think it will be anything soon. From what I gather she is in a good place to just recover from these two surgery’s and time is on our side now 🙂

    As for her hormones, those are going to need some special care and attention and the next few weeks will be spent figuring out what she needs and what dosages to replace what has been effected.

    She’s a trooper that’s for sure! X

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  • Stevies brain surgery     10 September 2018
    Main image

    Kia ora tatou!

    Hi everyone!

    Just a wee update from the Whittakers...

    Tomorrow morning our beautiful Stevie goes in for her tumour removal operation. We are sending Stevie and her family unlimited amounts of love and support during this terrifying time.

    The whānau would like to thank everyone for their generous donations, kind words and prayers.

    We will keep you all updated on Stevies next leg of her journey.

    Kia kaha Stevie girl - you got this!! xo

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