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Stop 24/7 mining on the Barrytown Flats

  • Urgent Notice: Sand Mine Hearing set for 5 - 9 February 202

      1 December 2023

    A heartening 196 submissions came in opposing this mine - thank you to all who managed to do one. We are now preparing for the Council hearing, but realise we may later need to defend, or appeal, the hearing decision in the Environment Court. For that we need a range of experts to match TiGa's experts. Costs for experts quickly mount up, so please help protect the Barrytown Flats by donating as you can.

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  • Urgent Notice: Sand Mining Hearing will likely be by the end of January 2024!

      12 November 2023

    The submission period has now closed and we have secured pro-bono legal counsel. However the clock is ticking and we need to raise more funds for experts (in the following areas: Traffic, Noise, Road Safety, Ecology: Avian/Westland petrel, Landscape/Natural character and a local body planner). These costs mount up and we ask for a dedicated push over the next two months to present our best case possible.

    So if you can help right now that would be so appreciated!

    Many thanks from the Coast Road Resilience Group team."

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  • Goal posts have widened

      22 June 2023

    Hello dear supporters!

    We have decided to aim higher& so our new goal is set to $50000! This is towards further legal and professional representation. So let‘s keep spreading the word& those donations coming!

    Thank you for your support thus far

    We can only do this together

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