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Support 15 year old Joshua in his fight against Leukaemia

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I am initiating this page to help Joshua and his family financially and emotionally as they battle Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL).

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All the other 15 year old kids are preparing for exams next week. Joshua doesn’t feel like studying, his legs are still aching; he has no appetite and just wants to sleep, not surprising really after all he’s going through a growth spurt and teenage stuff. Dad takes him for a check-up anyway; a routine blood test is done to reveal crazy white blood cells so a trip to Starship Hospital is done to have a few other tests. By the end of the next day Joshua is diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). This is a complete and utter shock to Joshua, his dad Joey, Step mum Shonelle, 12 year old brother Harry and 6 year old sister Olivia.

The aim of treatment is to try and get Joshua into complete remission with normal blood and bone marrow. At this stage Joshua’s main treatment is intravenous chemotherapy and steroids. The outlook depends on how well Joshua responds to initial treatment, or how quickly he can achieve a remission and how much disease is left over in his body after this initial treatment. The treatment for Joshua can last from two to three years or longer depending on treatment response and ongoing test results.

As Joshua’s Aunty and Joey’s sister I have witnessed an extreme amount of stress within the family this diagnosis and treatment has initiated. Naturally the demands of treatment have brought many disruptions to their normal day-to-day lives. Routines have been and will continue to be disrupted with frequent trips to the hospital for tests and treatment. Like most teenagers a great hair style is crucial for body image and self-concept, Joshua will start to lose his hair within the next 2 weeks.

I am initiating this page to help the family financially and emotionally; Joey will continue to be responsible for his son’s care and worrying about work commitments and paying the bills is another stress he can do without allowing him to focus on Joshua without fretfulness. Joey is a fantastic father and Joshua is a lovely young man and this journey is proving to be both physically and mentally exhausting. Funds raised will go towards a separate bedroom for Joshua where he currently has to share with his brother in their rental. I would also like to see him with his own phone and decent computer so he can maintain social relationships and challenge boredom, research more about his illness independently and take his mind off the pain. Funds will also assist with income for normal day to day living expenses and the costs of hospital visits and cover Joey’s income at least through the initial worse phase.

Sheridan Ingham's involvement

Joey is my brother and Joshua is my nephew, I want to help them out because they need and deserve help and because I love them. I want to try and ease the pain and the burden and relieve any kind of unnecessary pressure

Use of funds

A separate bedroom for Joshua. Also his own phone and computer. Funds will also assist Joey’s income at least through the initial worse phase

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2 weeks on  18 June 2019

Thank you for all the most precious and supportive comments and generous donations for this cause. There is no change to Joshua as yet and he appears to be handling the chemo well. His main issue presently is extreme tiredness and bone pain.

Thank you all again I will keep everyone updated on the journey xxxx

Stuff did an article which you can read:

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  • The Brown Family

    The Brown Family 1 day ago


    So sorry to hear this news Josh. Wishing you lots of strength and determination as you work through your treatment. Very fond memories of you charging around the field for Eden Tigers. We look forward to seeing you out playing sports again in the future.


  • Karen

    Karen 2 days ago


    Sending healing energy and love to Joshua and his family.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor 3 days ago



  • Tracey byrne

    Tracey byrne 5 days ago


    I have just been through a similar experience with my daughter being diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 19 only 3 months ago so I know the shock of seeing your child go through this and the effects on the whole family, especially the main caregiver! Luckily I work at starship so it wasnt too far out of the way for me and work was flexible - tip #1 if you stay overnight park in either carpark after 2pm and leave by 8am then it's free. #2 go to building 8 and grab a paper parking ticket and reprint it in color then you don't have to keep getting new ones each day to park in the oncology parking of which there are quite a few but you dont find this out until much later! #3 get beanies/wigs early as hair falls out exactly when they say it will! Be prepared ahead of time and take all help offered big or small as you will need it! it's a long road but he's young and will beat this!! Good luck to you all we wish you as good if an outcome as we have had xx


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor 5 days ago



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$3,770 donated

Given by 84 generous donors in 9 days

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