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Support Baby Bastian and Family

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A tragedy after childbirth means a new family needs support, to care for a new baby as mum begins rehab from a serious brain injury.

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Bastian was born on the 18th of May. Shortly after his birth Lydia, his mother, experienced a collection of extreme medical emergencies leading to a long period of time where her brain was without oxygen. Lydia has had a rocky last month, but is now starting the long process of recovering from a serious brain injury. Christian, Bastian's dad and Lydia's husband, has taken on the role of full-time stay at home dad for Bastian while also spending regular time with Lydia at the hospital. Lydia's parents have been by her side practically 24/7 over the past month.

While the family is still navigating this crisis while caring for a beautiful new born financial support along this way will help reduce their stress. New born babies are expensive, both Lydia and Christian are unable to work at present, the practicalities of spending hours each day at the hospital results in large parking and food costs. All financial support given through this campaign will help ensure Bastian has the best start to life despite this crisis, and with help reduce the stress the family are experiencing as they navigate this next part of the journey through rehabilitation from a serious brain injury.

We were recently on The Project talking about this situation, you can see the video here -

Mothers Milk NZ Charitable Trust is also supporting Bastian by helping to arrange donations of breast milk, and I also encourage you consider giving them a donation so they can also do awesome work to help feed babies like Bastian -

Michael Brenndorfer's involvement (page creator)

I am the brother-in-law of Lydia, Brother of Christian, and Uncle of Bastian. Lydia suffered severe complications in child birth, has a significant brain injury and a long, rocky road ahead to recovery. The family need as much extra support as possible to navigate this process while caring for a new born.

Use of funds

Money will go directly to supporting Bastian and his family. Practically this means diapers, clothes, bottles etc, as well as hospital parking, food, petrol for the family supporting Lydia in hospital.

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Guest Donor on 09 Feb 2020
Laura on 03 Nov 2019
Love you all!
Vivian on 31 Oct 2019
Lots of love to you Bastian, Lydia, and fam xx
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 23 Oct 2019
With love, The Patersons
Laineil on 13 Oct 2019

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