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Please help Quejay and Quejay’s family get back on their feet.

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Aroha for Quejay

On Saturday 14th, Quejay a fun-loving, placid young man was heading to a concert at Auckland’s Ellerslie Event Centre with close friends after celebrating a friends birthday, sharing drinks and laughter.

On route to the concert the vehicle Quejay was travelling in was struck by another, causing Quejay to suffer whiplash and a possible head injury. Police arrived at the scene where it was thought that he was highly intoxicated, vomiting and acting lethargic. Thinking nothing more of Quejays diagnosis himself and friends were ushered on for the night. Quejays apparent intoxication started to concern his friends so he was sent home to Stanmore Bay by Taxi. Once he arrived he crawled into the back of his car as he couldn’t make it up to the house and fell asleep.

This resulted in the biggest fight Quejay would have to face.

Quejay was found around five hours later by his friends on their return home from their night out. He was unresponsive and was thought to be suffering from alcohol poisoning, an ambulance was called. Upon arrival the paramedics examined Quejay finding the smallest evidence of the worst news.

An unresponsive dilated pupil in one eye was a sign of severe head trauma. Quejay was rushed to Auckland hospital where he underwent surgery to stop the bleeding on his brain and remove the blood clot that was created which caused the brain to swell putting immense pressure on the octal nerves, and those which allow normal functional movement and capabilities.

Quejay was put on life support and the prognosis was unfavourable. Quejay has since then made some improvement such as responding to doctors commands however, there Is still a long road to recovery.

A huge reason behind Quejays progress is the support around him by all his family and friends, most of those who travel to Auckland hospital daily from the Hibiscus Coast.

Your financial help is greatly appreciated by our family as we continue to support Quejay on his long road to recovery.

The money will be put towards Quejay’s medical expenses, hospital parking, gas, etc

Use of Funds:

Funds raised will be used for hospital parking, gas, food etc...

Page created by:

Leija Bücheler


Girlfriend of 3 years, I study and work part time and don’t earn enough to financially help Quejay’s family.

All funds raised benefit:

Quejay Hoare & Family

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Juliana Windsor on behalf of Quejay Hoare & Family.

“May the healing angels lift you up and restore you back to full health and a full life. Our love and thoughts are with you.”
“Very sad to hear of Que's fight for wellness under such a tragic situation. Good on you friends and family for assisting with this support. Wishing Que all the best with his recovery. God bless and provide strength and healing.”
“Kia Kaha. "Pena ka haere tonu, a te waa, ka taea, ka mau" 💓💓💓”
“Love you brother”
“Pull through bro you are 1 of the genuine people out there brav”
“My farther was in ICU at the same time, we saw how much the family came together and supported him, so inspiring. Wishing you all a return to the smiling days.”
“So sorry to hear such sad news, thinking of you cousin Juliana and whanau. Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery Quejay. Lots of love to you all Xxx”
“Much love bro ❤️❤️❤️”
“I am thinking about you everyday Quejay. I will come and see you when I'm back home. Be strong! Love to you and the family xxxxxxxx.”
“Blessings to all”
  • $6,350.00 donated
  • 156 generous donors

$6,350 donated

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