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Support for Ryan's Family - Updates - Givealittle

  • Thank you to everyone in the Sitecore community      6 November 2018
    Posted by: Bruce Davis-Goff

    Thank you to everyone in the Sitecore community for your generous donations and support after our heartbreaking loss of Ryan.

    The AKQA Sitecore team kept us informed of developments such as the recent Sitecore Symposium where people were challenged to donate at the cost of 2 Moustaches and one beard.

    Such generosity and sacrifice made us smile and all the heartfelt comments on the Givealittle site that were both heart-warming and heartbreaking, reduced us to tears.

    The Sitecore Family is truly amazing and I’m not sure my comments do justice to all you have done for us. Our personal thanks to Bruce Davis-Goff for initiating the Givealittle page.

    Ryan lives on in our Hearts and we remember him with love and pride.

    Thanks Sandra and the Bailey Family.

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