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Support Midwives, Women, and Babies in Ethiopia through Hamlin Fistula NZ - Updates - Givealittle

  • Awareness for Hamlin Fistula Trust & Midwives in our communities     19 June 2019
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    “Adios amigos.” By a miracle of God and a bike I have made it! The support and encouragement of friends and family along the way has helped propel me along the way, and I am very thankful for it.😊❤️

    It has been quite a journey for me. From all the planning and organising through to completion, with the ample spilling of blood, sweat, tears and production of blisters! It is my hope that I have raised an increased awareness for the cause of Hamlin Fistula Trust NZ and the Hospital and women they support in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is a country so far from our own, yet what Reginald and Catherine Hamlin started, is a very strong example of what can be achieved through compassion, dedication and perseverance in helping those in desperate need.

    It is also my hope that it has made people think about Midwives and the vital role they play at a crucial time in women and their babies lives. Something we all have a vested interest in - male or female, as it is the beginning of life for all of us.😊❤️ The givealittle page remains open until October:

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  • The journey travelled     17 June 2019
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    The journey has been completed... I am now travelling home to New Zealand- but the fundraising continues☺️

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this life changing cause for many women and their families in Ethiopia, highlighting the importance of midwives in our communities, world wide 💛

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  • I’ve reached Finisterre- 960km expedition to The End Of The World     17 June 2019
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    Day 37. Exactly 5weeks plus 2days, Cee to Finisterre, 15km/9.3 miles.

    A momentous day because I have reached my destination to ‘The End Of The World.’ Approximately 960km/597 miles not counting the unplanned (on my part!) detours I inadvertently took, so probably well over 1000kms.

    To date $7,200 has been raised on my Givealittle fundraising page for Hamlin Fistula Trust NZ!

    I could only have achieved this by the great support from everyone contributing - by donating on givealittle and/or with encouragement on my journey. It’s meant so much to me, and spurred me on, especially during some difficult patches. ☺ The page remains open until October and I am still aiming to continue fundraising for a midwifery centre in Ethiopia.

    I also have a deep appreciation for Catherine and Reg Hamlin for founding the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia, which has had such a huge impact on maternal health and changed lives for thousands of women and babies. Women who were without hope and afflicted with such a devastating condition. Through the Hamlin’s establishment of a Midwifery school in order to provide frontline Maternal support throughout the country, only underlines the important crucial role of Midwives in communities world-wide, providing better outcomes in and surrounding childbirth. ❤️

    As always, please visit my Givealittle Page fundraiser for Hamlin Fistula Trust NZ, and consider donation to a very worthy cause. Donations small and large deeply appreciated.❤️

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  • Up to the final most challenging leg of the journey!     6 June 2019
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    Hola- I am 3/4 of the way through the journey. The messages & donations certainly keep me inspired & walking....thank you☺️It certainly is a challenging trail with extreme weather conditions & varied terrain from the excessively flat ‘Meseta’ to steep mountainous inclines & descents . It definitely is not a walk in the park! But I am enjoying the challenges & experiences.

    I am pleased to have progressed well despite my leg injury, but at over half way point I hired a bicycle so I could keep moving forwards without quitting or causing further harm to myself.

    I am overwhelmed with the donations creeping up to over $4,000 although I’m still hoping to reach $20000 for this great cause. Any amount donated will contribute to life changing outcomes for women in Ethiopia.

    Highlights to date have been:

    -Walking over the ‘Napoleon Route’ in The French Pyrenees with snow & in a thunderstorm

    -Surviving walking in temperatures of 39°C

    -Cycling through an alpine storm of rain, sleet & headwinds in near freezing temperatures

    -Staying in a 17th century monastery ruin, no electricity or hot water

    -Staying in historic convents run by Nuns

    -Sleeping in dormitory style accomodation, bunk beds from 8-200 people per room, & surviving the associated snoring & body heat!

    - Enjoying the friendly Spanish hospitality & cuisine

    -Panoramic views & sights of landscapes, architecture, people, wildlife & flora

    - Hiking/cycling for 6-7wks with a 6kg backpack including water

    -Connecting with the international community ranging from 14-78yrs, people of all shapes & sizes, some with disabilities....all heading to the same destination with different reasons or motivations.

    -Continuing an arduous journey despite injury of my ankle, tendonitis & blisters!

    -The privilege of fundraising for such a worthy cause such as Hamlin Fistula Trust NZ....and...hence the opportunity to promote the importance of midwives in our communities!

    - Creating lifelong friendships.

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  • Journey from NZ begins     3 May 2019

    May the 1st I departed Auckland for Barcelona with my 7kg backpack including sleeping bag, walking poles, spare sandals etc. Thanks to Te Rapa Copy, Hamilton for printing the Hamlin Fistula logo and Support Midwives=Support Women logo for my backpack. After 27hrs flying I’ve arrived in Barcelona, preparing to depart in 2days to start the Camino on International Midwives Day. Thank you to all who have donated for this great cause 💕

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