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Support Robyn Hewetson to bring her son Gwill home

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Support Robyn and her family to deal with the tragic loss of Gwillym Hewetson, and to help bring him home from Switzerland.

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  Hawke's Bay

(Update 14th Nov) Thank you to everyone who has supported Robyn to bring Gwill home. Robyn is working with authorities to secure the birth certificate needed (can take up to three months) to allow him to fly. As soon as that comes through, Robyn will make her way to London to collect Gwill's ashes and bring him home via Australia. The generous support from everyone has meant Robyn can take time off work and travel to bring Gwill home. Thank you!

15th Oct) Robyn's son Gwillym Michael Hewetson died suddenly last week in Berne Switzerland in a terrible accident while he was doing what he loved to do most, flying.

Robyn and her family are now left with navigating the challenge of finding and returning Gwill to his loved ones from one of the most expensive countries in the world.

Gwill's sister Frith and her boys, Rowan and Thaeo, are here in Hawkes Bay, and Gwill’s step sister from London has gone to Switzerland to help with the official process of releasing his body and bringing him home.

This Give-A-Little page has been set up by Robyn's Friends (She took some convincing!) to help her and her family deal with the mounting cost in dealing with overseas authorities, funeral services and other associated costs during this dreadful time.

Robyn is the first to jump at the chance to help others without reservation, this is our chance to help her... however small.

A little about Gwillym - From Robyn

Gwillym was a person who lived every moment to the full. He has been a Movie Editor for the last 16 years.

In the last years he became a sky diver, and then a base jumper and then a Wing Suit Flyer. Gwill’s first word was “See!”

And his work, first as an Editor and then as a Flyer, have shown that this was his key sense - a seeing of the world and life.

He lived life to the full and made so many friends. He toured the world living his passion. His latest year has been full of flying. I was lucky enough to agree to let him take me on a tandem sky dive in Hawaii, how grateful I am to have this happy memory to hold onto for life.

Kaylene Moore's involvement

I am a friend of Robyn's who runs a tech business and have been asked to set up this page on her behalf. Her friends and friends of Gwill want a way to help the family bring him back from Switzerland.

Use of funds

Costs associated with finding and bringing Gwill home, funeral, memorial and related expenses.

Latest update

Progress & Thanks  15 October 2018

I have a message from Robyn to share with everyone. She (Robyn) has been absolutely overwhelmed and humbled at the outpouring of support from around the globe. The messages from everyone show just how well loved Gwill was and how many lives he touched. She feels she learning so much about him and those he connected with.. thank you!

Robyn's Message:

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us over this time.

Maggie has been in Switzerland. Gill has now been cremated and last we heard is now on his way back to London.

There will be a celebration there for him in London, hopefully we gt some details soon so we can share them with everyone.

Maggie will then bring Gwill to Melbourne where they can celebrate and then bring him home to us.

Sorry we do not have any more specifics at this stage, we are working with Maggie to get the info we need to share with you all.

Fundraising - We have now covered the cost of cremation and some travel, any donations from this point forward will be to help the family with the celebration memorials, travel, other costs etc..

We are also working to get some of his latest videos and photos uploaded to the gallery and will let you all know once this is done.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Latest donations

  • Lisa Millimet

    Lisa Millimet on 01 Jan 2019


    I will remember Gwill as he was so long ago, always imagining him over the years as he became. A beautiful and joyous spirit.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 30 Nov 2018



  • Cat, Murray, Pippa and Milly Jones

    Cat, Murray, Pippa and Milly Jones on 14 Nov 2018


    Thinking of you always Robyn. We love you xxxx


  • Tom Kemplen

    Tom Kemplen on 26 Oct 2018


    I didn't ever work with Gwill while he was here in London but met him socially through friends. He was always such an upbeat, happy guy and would greet me with a massive bear hug and a very loud 'DUUUUDE!'. He lived his life to the full and I'm gutted I'll not get to share another drink (and political debate/argument!!) with him. Thanks to his friends and family for organising his send off in London last week. Lots of love to Robyn and the family.


  • Eva and David

    Eva and David on 26 Oct 2018



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$19,306 donated

Given by 194 generous donors in 13 weeks

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