Support sudden death of victim's Family at the Albert Park

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Please help Flora, her 2 years olds and her 1 month old daughters through this testing time.


As of today, 2nd November, Raymond was trying to fulfil his Citizen duties and he was on his way to Jury Service in the city. A sudden heart attack took his life away and it has left behind Raymond's wife Flora and two young daughters, a 2 years old and 1 month new born.

Raymond was self employed and he was the sole income for his family. [Update from Flora’s family - they rang the bank On Friday and found out Raymond does have a life insurance from his bank to cover his mortgage. It’s a big relief for Flora once they tell her the news!] Flora didn’t know Flora is still recovering from giving birth of her daughter and its the worst possible moment for losing her husband.

Apart from her financial hardship, she also need to sort out her visa with immigration as she is under partnership visa with her husband at the moment.

We want to support Raymond's family and raise some funds to help Flora to meet some immediate financial needs and we hope we can raise enough fund to support Flora, her 2 years old and her newborn for their short and medium term needs.

Dr Jacky Lam's involvement (page creator)

I have no involvement with beneficiary. I am just someone who try to do something to support and fund raise for them and their young children

Use of funds

Money will be spent on their immediate needs (i.e. funeral cost and living cost) and any surplus will be managed by Fiona for her two daughters educations and needs

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Latest update

Latest update  7 November 2020

Dear donors

On behalf of Flora, she would like to thanks everyone who light up the candles for her family as they are going through the darkest moment in their life. Raymond’s funeral will b held in northshore on coming Monday and we hope he will be able to Rest In Peace finally.

Flora’s family has just sent me an update as well. Her family rang the bank on Friday and want to see how much mortgage Raymond has left to pay and they found out the bank has actually got a life insurance policy to cover the mortgage. She would like to update everyone as she wasn’t involved in the process and didn’t want anyone feel mis-leaded.

All the fund we have raised will be allocated to Raymond’s funeral and the rest will be use for their basic living cost for Flora, her 2 years old daughter and her 1 month old newborn.

Thank you for your kind donation!

Yours sincerely

Dr Jacky Lam

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 14 Jan 2021
good luck with residency
Kenneth on 10 Dec 2020
May God guide you through this difficult time, Amen
Wetex on 25 Nov 2020
So sorry to hear about Raymond. 江威德
Private Donor
Private Donor on 22 Nov 2020
Carissa on 20 Nov 2020
So sorry to hear of your loss! Thinking of you so much. Carissa

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