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Elise Manton

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Elise Manton a 27 year old dedicated wife and mother of 3 young boys, diagnosed last week with terminal breast and liver cancer....

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Just two short weeks ago Elise was a doting mother of 3 young boys, the youngest only 5 months old. Now at just 27 years old Elise has to face the reality of her prognosis, aggressive palliative cancer in her breast and liver, her diagnosis is terminal. While Elise is a fighter and wants to be there for her precious family she is also facing up to the reality of her situation.

While no one knows exactly how long she has left, as little as two weeks, or maybe months, the fact is that her life has been dramatically shortened and her chance to raise and watch her children grow, or to grow old with Trent appears to be gone.

Trent (a construction foreman for a Taranaki home building company) and Elise met in 2008 when they flatted together and quickly became inseparable, getting married in 2009. Their beautiful boys followed soon after and now they are a lovely family of five.

Until yet another trip to the hospital to find the source of her constant pain led to her condition being discovered, Elise was just another loving and caring young mother and wife. Running the household, picking up and dropping off the kids, learning how to cope and raise a child with Autism, and keeping Trent in order :). A happy family going about their lives. Now that is to change, forever.

While Elise was passionate about playing netball and enjoyed her sport, her true passion is her children and husband. Seeing her children pass milestones gives her immense joy. She is also committed to giving enormous time and love to Lucus so he can lead the best life he can despite suffering from Autism.

Trent and the boys, Lucas 5, Isaiah 3, and Cohen 5 months, face a difficult path ahead. Elise has begun chemo this week with the hope that it will prolong her time for a while longer (her dear wish is to be here to see Cohen take his first steps).

In the mean time Trent has had to give up work to care for the boys and be there to support Elise.

While Trent has great support from friends, family, and colleagues, things are only going to get much tougher for the Mantons as they face what is to come over the next few months and year. We are reaching out on their behalf to all those who feel they can and would like to support Trent, Elise and the boys.

With the possibility of no income and increased costs to cover, we know just how much it would mean to Trent, Elise and their families to have a little security knowing that on top of everything else they do not have to face Christmas and the new year with financial concerns.

We would love the whole Manton/Schultz family to be able to spend the precious days Elise has left with her, focused on her and the family.

Your kind help will be appreciated more than you can realise.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Elise, Trent, the boys and their families at this difficult time.

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Campbell Mattson


I am Trents employer. Having witnessed the devastation this situation has caused both Trent and the family I am moved to do what I can to initiate some financial support for Trent and the boys as they cope with Elise's illness and the months after her passing, which will see Trent having to raise and support 3 young boys on his own and unable to work.

All funds raised benefit:

Trent Manton


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Trent Manton.

  • $84,909.52 donated
  • 1,062 generous donors

$84,910 donated

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