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Supporting Chris, Emma, Stevie and Tom.

Cause page created in the Health category by Andrew Rankin for Emma Purchase (nee Hansen-Knarhoi)

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To support Chris and his family as he battles colorectal cancer.

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For The Purchase family – Chris (the cool surfer kiwi dad), Emma (the multitasking, strong and humble warrior), Stevie (the determined leader, she knows what she wants), and Tom (the sweet boy with the biggest smile).

In 2018, Chris was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at just 37, when his daughter Stevie was a little over a year old and Emma was 16 weeks pregnant with Tom. The devastating news hit everyone hard, fortunately he was able to promptly start radiotherapy and chemotherapy. For a time this seemed to help, but recently the cancer has spread and Chris is now undergoing more intensive radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Part of this therapy includes an unfunded drug treatment, and finding the money to pay for this potentially life-saving treatment places the young family under more pressure than anyone should have to endure. That's why we are asking for help.

The cost of the recommended treatment is $20,000, plus administering costs. This will become clearer as they get more information.

You can give as much as you can and want. Please leave a message if you would like to share some words with them. Two other fundraisers have taken place recently for Chris and the family to take a holiday, thank you for those who have already given, they now have these funds and will be having a holiday in Tawharanui this summer.

Thank you, and aroha nui

Andrew Rankin's involvement (page creator)

Chris Purchase is my good friend, he is 38, married to Emma and has two young children. He has colorectal cancer that has spread to other parts of his body. This fundraiser is for both potential treatments they are looking at and to support them.

Use of funds

The money is for un-funded drugs to treat Chris' cancer, this is if they go ahead with this option, but we hope that it will also help support his family as Chris is unable to work.

Latest update

update.  3 October 2019

Hi all,

Firstly, a huge thank you from Emma and Chris for your generosity, Chris just cannot believe how generous and caring everyone has been.

Give-a-little administration have asked me to clarify that: ‘Donations are going to Emma Purchase under her Maiden name of Emma Hansen-Knarhoi.’

Chris is about to start Cetuximab in combination with chemotherapy, this is the drug that is not publically funded. Initially they were told it would cost $20,000 but this did not include administration so the actual cost is $66,000 for 12 treatments over 6 months. I encourage you to continue sharing this page, along with anything related to helping the Purchase family and others who are fighting this battle. If any of you were thinking of organizing a fundraising event in your workplace I encourage you to do so.

There is also a petition for the drug to be funded so please sign and share this link as well:

Thank you,


Latest donations

  • Christine

    Christine on 11 Nov 2019


    Blessings Chris


  • Christiane

    Christiane on 24 Oct 2019


    Thinking of you Best wishes Christiane


  • Haskell Bulmer Family

    Haskell Bulmer Family on 23 Oct 2019


    Biggest well wishes from another family of four. Xxx Maddy, Rich, Sylvie and Hughie


  • Nichola

    Nichola on 22 Oct 2019


    Emma- I know we haven’t seen each other from our graduate diploma days, but seeing your story I really want to help...I’m so sorry this has happened and you and your gorgeous family are in our thoughts. Sending lots of love xxx


  • G. M. M

    G. M. M on 21 Oct 2019


    Hoping all goes well


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$30,415 donated

Given by 216 generous donors in 9 weeks

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