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Supporting Elyse vs DIPG

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Elyse desperately needs ongoing donations to help pay for her Non-Government funded medicine - funds are running out fast.

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Thank you for your support to Elyses previous Givealittle page which received $62,399.50 between 9 Apr 16 and 14 Dec 17 This page was created because we still need your help!

Elyse still needs ongoing donations to help pay for her ridiculously expensive non-government funded medicine which is costing thousands of dollars every month!

Elyse was diagnosed with DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) on the 8th April 2016. An aggressive brain tumor with an expected survival time of 2-9 months from diagnosis. We are almost at 4 years past DX! During this time we have spent countless days researching effective alternative medicines that are effective in killing tumors and helping her body fight for itself. Since Elyse’s last paediatric appointment which went so well, she is continuing to show signs of improvement. Elyse has received so much support from the community but the donations received are running out. Fast! Please help by making a heart felt donation and sharing the Supporting Elyse facebook page & Givealittle page. We must keep working to spread the word and raise awareness of the Supporting Elyse Cause and DIPG.

Elyse is currently taking a number of natural medicines which are helping her fight this awful tumor. Unfortunately, like in many other cases, medicines that actually help aren't government funded. Below is what Elyse is currently taking;

Medicinal Cannabis Oil Tilray 10:10 CBD:THC – Prescription Only

This is an oral medicine costing $3.5k every month.

Lypo Tumeric—Curcumin – Available from pharmacy

Mixed with Olive Oil and Black Pepper Essential Oil

Turmeric has constituents that have been found to exert antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-mutagenic activity, which means it helps combat many of the same illnesses that boswellia does. A number of laboratory studies on cancer cells have shown that curcumin does have anticancer effects. It seems to be able to kill cancer cells and prevent more from growing.

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C – Available from pharmacy

2000mg Mixed with water

Studies have shown that high doses of vitamin C may slow the growth and spread of prostate, pancreatic, liver, colon, and other types of cancer cells.

Vitamin D – Available from Pharmacy 10,000iu

Mixed with olive oil and cannabis oil

Juice Plus Vege and Fruit Capsules – Available Online

TBL-12 – Online via 2x tubs per day

TBL-12 is a natural product made out of marine ingredients, with the main ingredient being bêche-de-mer (sea cucumber). It works by modulating the immune system, which in turn helps fight cancer and other diseases. One box of 52 tubs (one months supply) costs NZD$1,124.17.

Liquid Hope – Online via

This is a liquid food full of organic vegetables and herbs to promote health and vitality and support the body’s natural immune system.

This costs $500.00 every 2 weeks.

Pro biotics

Pro biotics are used to help cancer patients. Pro biotics stimulate the immune system and eliminate carcinogens and directly kill tumor cells. These good bacteria also secrete B vitamins and vitamin K, which may slow tumor growth.

Essential Oils from Doterra - Available Online

Frankincense Extract—Boswellia





Black Pepper

A few drops of each with Olive Oil rubed on back of neck and diffuse.


Dandelion is a very rich source of beta-carotene which we convert into vitamin A. This flowering plant is also rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. It's a good place to get B complex vitamins, trace minerals, organic sodium, and even some vitamin D too. Dandelion also contains protein, more than spinach. Dandelion may slow cancer's growth and prevent it from spreading. The leaves are especially rich in the antioxidants and phytonutrients that combat cancer.

Coconut Oil

Lauric acid is an active anti-cancer component in coconut oil that constitutes 50 percent of its makeup. Lauric acid is also beneficial in deterring parasites, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and viruses.

Research to date and the reduction of the tumor these alternative natural medicines have accomplished will in turn provide hope and vital information for future family's who are touched by DIPG.

(After the givealittle fees) all of your donation goes towards Elyse's parents to assist with purchasing non-funded medicine, medical care, travel and general costs around making the most of their precious time together.

Thank you for your support to Elyse's other Givealittle page which received $62,399.50! We have opened this new page as she still needs help to pay for her ridiculously expensive non-government funded medicine!

Supporting Elyse's involvement (page creator)

The Supporting ELyse vs DIPG goal here is to raise enough money to cover the costs of Elyse's medicine until a cure is found. I will keep on fighting until I have achieved this goal. - Vicky

Use of funds

Funds will be used to purchase Elyses non-government funded medicine

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We need your help - Supporting Elyse vs DIPG  10 December 2019

Hi Everyone ⚠️ PLEASE READ ⚠️ Elyse is still fighting so hard and right now and we need help more than ever. There is no way I can stop her unique treatment for her DIPG but if we don't have the funds we don't have any choice. 😔 We only have four weeks left until her funds are all gone.

We really didn't want to have to ask but we are running out of ideas to fund Elyses Medicine. It's costing $1000 every week because Tilray is not government funded.

I've contacted newspapers and magazines since her last MRI to announce the shrinkage of her tumor and her progress but no one has responded. We have exhausted every avenue with grants, and the fundraisers are becoming hard to do after four continuous years, which the Taupo and wider communities and even overseas have been beyond amazing! But we can’t sit back and stop when what we are doing is working and Elyse is fighting so hard too. So I'm asking anyone and everyone, family, friends if you can please make a donation. It all adds up fast if we have enough people on board. And please share and spread the word or even if anyone knows someone who works in business and would be willing to make a generous donation to help save my daughter.

To date her medicines have cost a whopping $170,000 on medicines. This shouldn’t be the case. It’s so unfair that this medicine that is shrinking her tumor and saving her life is costing so much money, and will continue to do so unless the government makes some serious changes!

Please share the Supporting Elyse Story, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    Keep up the great fight.


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    Sending love and best wishes for the future


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    Kirstin on 29 Dec 2019


    Sending so many positive thoughts your way x


  • Esther Casey

    Esther Casey on 24 Dec 2019


    This is on behalf of my sister in law (Esther Casey), who wanted to donate to a worthy cause in lieu of a birthday gift. We hope it helps keep up the fight.


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$26,692 donated

Given by 245 generous donors in 2 years

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