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Supporting Matt Wilkie & his young family to fight cancer

  • Time to share some incredibly positive news!     22 September 2021

    Posted by: Caylee Wilkie

    Matt has had 6 rounds of funded chemo so far and last week it was time for a CT scan to check on how things are looking internally.

    We are so thrilled to share that there has been global shrinkage in Matt’s cancer, further proof that the chemo is working!! Matt is continuing to get his strength back and can now do many of the activities he used to do pre-cancer. He has been back at work most days and returned to his volunteer fire fighting duties, something he really loves.

    Harrison and Ben are loving having their Dad be able to play with them like he used to and this good news comes right in time for Harrison’s 3rd birthday at the end of this week. Life is good ❤️

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  • Some positive news!      31 August 2021

    Posted by: Caylee Wilkie

    Matt has just completed his fifth round of funded chemo and we are very lucky that it has made a massive difference so far. Before starting chemo, the cancer in Matt’s lungs was having a severe impact on his breathing and he was constantly coughing. He could barely make it from the bedroom to the lounge without getting short of breath. Thanks to treatment, he is now able to do many of the normal day to day activities he used to do - including playing with the kids again, much to their delight! After months of roadblocks and bad news it has been nice to see Matt improve so drastically and have him back to his happy self.

    Testing has been carried out to determine the specific mutation of Matt’s cancer and the course of unfunded treatment that will be most effective. We are thrilled to say we have an option (cetuximab) and this will be Matt’s next line of treatment if/when the chemo stops working. We have put the money aside to use when the time comes. Thank you again for making this option possible for us, we are so grateful to be able to explore all treatments available.

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    • 01/09/2021 by Murray

      Hello Caylee and Matt! We were thrilled of course to read today of the improvements you have made Matt. What a champion you are and how good to be playing with your wee boys. The beer will be tasting a lot better too i imagine? Great news, all our best wishes to you all.

      Murray and Linda Barclay

    • 02/09/2021 by Scott

      That’s good news! Best of luck to you all!

  • A massive thank you!     3 July 2021

    Posted by: Caylee Wilkie

    We are so overwhelmed and grateful for all of the love and support we have received on this journey so far. This is not a journey we ever wished to take and there are many unknowns in the near future.

    Matt started chemo yesterday and he will need to complete a few rounds before we know if it is helping. Thanks to your kind and generous donations, we will be able to explore many treatment options should this one not pan out as we hope. These funds also help to alleviate some financial stress and allow us to focus on spending time together as a family.

    The road ahead is a tough one but we will hopefully have some more positive news to share soon ❤️

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