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Supporting Jane to keep battling her cancer, to live and love for longer.

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Jane Wilkins is battling metastatic breast cancer but is determined to live longer. Please support this deserving mum, partner and friend.

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  Auckland Cancer Support Week Cancer Treatment Awareness

Jane Norcross-Wilkins needs our support, care and love right now. Jane has terminal cancer. She is 53 years old.

Jane is a cherished mum, an adored partner, a daughter, writer, artist, and marriage and funeral Celebrant.

She is bubbly, funny, kind, clever, creative, and gives so much of herself to her family, friends and community.

Jane has a genuine love for all people, and her working life spans many years of service to others. Through her business, "Blossom", Jane supported, counselled and informed women with breast cancer towards health and healing.

She is a committed volunteer to Mercy Hospice, Auckland, where for many years she has written life memoirs for residents.

As a Celebrant, Jane is honoured to work closely alongside people in their times of greatest happiness, or grief, to create meaningful, loving ceremonies.

Jane’s own experiences of love and loss have shaped the person she is today; she is determined to be fully present and to aim high, in every day she has left to live.

Jane’s cancer was first diagnosed when she was a young Mum, aged 39. A few years earlier, her young husband Tane was killed in a plane crash at work. Their daughter Mary was 17 months old.

A year later, Jane’s mum died suddenly.

Jane was - and still is - determined that Mary would not be an orphan, and committed to her health, surviving breast cancer against the odds.

Unfortunately, Jane was diagnosed with metastatic cancer three years ago. It has spread to her bones, and science is unable to help any further.

In recent weeks, Jane’s doctors have explained that her situation has worsened. Her tumour markers have spiralled upwards, and she is now experiencing significant bone pain.

Jane is a researcher by nature and has always kept up with the latest information regarding her disease. She had intravenous Vitamin C earlier this year, but due to a severe immune response, had to stop. She and her family are very disappointed about this, as they had a lot of faith in that procedure.

Jane has recently been in communication with Dr Ullrich Doering, a GP practising in West Auckland, regarding a breakthrough treatment plan called GcMAF. This treatment has been successfully administered in Switzerland and Germany for many years, with wonderful results. Jane is very keen to try the GcMAF treatment, if possible. It is expensive, but has potentially amazing results.

In recent months, Jane and her family have been dealt a further blow which has added more stress and financial burden to their lives. Earlier this year they bought a new home. They recently discovered that the roof is in very poor condition and needs to be replaced at considerable cost. Quite simply, this is more than Jane can possibly deal with right now.

Despite her situation, Jane still wants to give of herself to other people. She wants to fulfil her dreams, keep doing what she is good at, and spend as much time as possible with her family - her daughter Mary, partner Mike, and her Dad.

Jane is determined to continue her work, spreading the word to other women that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. She would love to keep writing for Mercy Hospice, find time and energy to paint, and continue in her role as a celebrant.

Life has been hard, but quite simply, Jane wants to be here longer.

Money raised for Jane will go towards her treatment and maintaining her health and wellness for as long as possible.

Please give a little, to a woman who has always given such a lot!

Melanie Stuart's involvement (page creator)

I am a friend and colleague of Jane.

Latest update

An Update from Mike  5 February 2016

Hi all -

Jane has spent most of the past ten days in hospital.

I am now caring for her full time.

We are reluctant to ask for further donations after such incredible generosity has already been shown to us from so many of you.

However, as Jane's health worsens, finances are also becoming tighter and more difficult. This is a stressful and distressing time but we are fighting hard.

Any further donations, no matter how small, will assist Jane to continue receiving the therapies that give her relief from pain, and quality of life, as well as exploring some further possibilities that may be of benefit.

Medically things are upsetting, and stressful, but we are trying to maintain some positivity and faith.

Hugs to you all - and thank you.


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Latest donations

  • Cousin Frankie

    Cousin Frankie on 23 Feb 2016


    Think of you often Jane. Prayers to St Jude offered for you. Lots of love, Frankie.


  • Jan and Darryl Studholme

    Jan and Darryl Studholme on 13 Feb 2016


    To our very dear friend. lots and lots of love we are sending to you love.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 13 Feb 2016


    You are my inspiration. Truly an amazing woman!


  • Cousin Frankie

    Cousin Frankie on 28 Jan 2016


    Lots of love and prayers to you, Jane x


  • Cousin Frankie

    Cousin Frankie on 28 Jan 2016


    Lots of thoughts and prayers, Jane xx


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$12,902 donated

Given by 72 generous donors in around 12 months

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