Grace's Skin Surgery - She has lost over 110kgs

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Given by 70 generous donors in around 3 months

This is to help Grace with her surgery costs involved after losing over 100kgs through diet and hard work.


Grace started her journey when her mum died. She found herself becoming short of breath and she kept going to Doctors saying something is not right. They kept telling her to lose weight.

She found she was having trouble standing, becoming breathless and having trouble doing everyday chores and even caring for her special needs sister.

She decided in the January of 2013 to start watching what she ate but her heart and mind were not really into it until she got a wakeup call and landed up in hospital of august 2013 and they discovered her heart was damaged then it became serious. Her choice was a heart attack stroke or this stage she had gone from 186kg down to 170.7kg and this was the start of amazing journey.

Grace lost 93.6kg all by herself with changing her lifestyle and what she put in her mouth. She then decided to have gastric sleeve surgery, where she has lost a further 18kg. She has gone from to 74.4kg which is where she is maintaining today.

But, obviously now she is left with huge amounts of skin. She would love to be able to feel more confident and run around with her grandkids without worrying so much about the loose skin.

This is where you come in... We would love if you can donate ever $1 to help towards Grace's skin removal surgery.

This is to help Grace with her surgery costs etc.

We will be aiming to get her surgery paid for, but she will still need costs for flights and other costs that may be incurred.

Skinny Me, Skinny You 2's involvement (page creator)

Lou from Skinny me skinny you & Sera from Fat2fitnz have been talking about this for a while as Grace is a member of both community pages on Facebook. Grace has worked hard to lose over 110kg and she is always a massive support to all of us! She truly is a one of a kind lady and is always the first to help out. Now, it's time to give back! Let's help her get her surgery that she deserves.

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Louise on 17 Oct 2015
Lauren?? on 17 Oct 2015
Love you
Heather Billings
Heather Billings on 02 Oct 2015
Debby on 01 Oct 2015
Good luck and well done xx
Lauren on 01 Oct 2015
I'm so proud of you aunty Grace. You are so brave I wish I could do more to help you. This is from me and barry wish it was more for you amazing lady love you heaps

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This campaign started on 21 Sep 2015 and ended on 31 Dec 2015.