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Swim-It-Forward NZ

  • We are still making a difference

      19 February 2024

    14 Families have now had assistance through Swim-it-forward. The response we receive from families is wonderful, that fact that many struggle to put their children into water safety and swimming classes due to the current financial climate is just overwhelming. Our thanks continue to go to all that have donated, every bit helps, thank you.

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  • Update - sharing some fantastic feedback from recipients

      18 January 2024

    Good morning all, we are receiving great feedback from the 11 families we have been able to assist to date. We notified those 11 families prior to Christmas and they are taking part in lessons in Term 1 2024.

    Thanks once again to all those who have kindly donated.

    Kind regards

    Henrietta Latham, Executive Officer.

    Swim Coaches & Teachers NZ

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  • Swim-It-forward final

      4 December 2023

    Our campaign is finished, but we still need those generous donations coming in. Our key is to assist 500 children this year into Water Safety and Swimming Lessons. Our thanks to those that have already donated.

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  • SWIMSAFER week 13-19 November 2023

      3 November 2023

    Last year Swim Coaches and Teacher NZ were able to assist 461 children into water safety and swimming lesson. Our campaign starts once again in a week's time from 13-19 November 2023. We look forward to your continue support.

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  • Swim-It-forward final update for this year

      25 July 2023

    NZSCTA would like to thank all those who kindly donated to this wonderful cause. we have been able to provide 47 families with 424 children benefiting from your donations, becoming water wise. We have closed applications now for 2023. Look out for our campaign starting again in November, 2023 to be held in New Zealand 13-19 November.

    Once again, our sincere thanks for your donations.

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  • What a difference you are all making

      2 March 2023

    Good morning, I just wanted to update you all on how we are travelling with our donations. We have now assisted 347 children, and 45 families! We have extended the closing date of the Givealittle date to 25 April 2023. We will open it up again as this is just a worthwhile cause.

    If you are aware of someone who still wishes to donate, please share this success story. Once again thank you all for your donations, let's keep going!

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  • Extended closing date for Givealittle page

      26 January 2023

    We are still helping those that need assistance with swimming lessons and receiving a lot of positive feedback. Therefore, we have extended the closing date to April 25, 2023. Please encourage those that can, make a donation, to make a difference.

    To date we have 30 families who have the benefit of everyone kindness and learning a valuable life skill.

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  • We are making a difference

      20 January 2023

    I wanted to thank you again for finding for my boys an absolute gem changer for them! What a great Xmas experience they had with more confidence.

    They are just in another week block this week the little man is actually swimming and when he started, he would only hold his nose and dip his face in. What amazing classes that I will continue on for him. Thanks for giving us the head start we needed and what a wonderful swim school SWIM GFX is.

    My older son has gone from strength to strength, and I feel confident with him swimming with his peers now!

    So, thank you with all the drownings this summer I was constantly aware how important these lessons are!

    I’m so thankful and proud.

    You have given us such a gift! Thank you all!

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  • Where have your donations been allocated

      10 January 2023

    Donations have been made to a number of regions, Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Wairarapa, Southland and through to Dunedin.

    This is such an important cause, let keep those donations coming, so we can work on these drowning statistics.

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  • Update - sharing some fantastic feedback from recipients

      16 December 2022

    Thank you, it is such a wonderful and important idea! It is exactly the reason we had to stop my sons’ classes when he was 3yo as it had got too expensive for us after the covid lockdown 😔

    I will be sharing the fund to friends and family as ideas to gift on behalf.

    Thank you. My girls have been swimming, but I had to stop their lessons as just couldn’t' afford the cost any longer. I am a solo working mother with 3 school aged children. I really appreciate you looking at my application.

    Wow!! .. Incredible opportunity for Families. My emails have gone mad already!

    This is amazing! Thank you so much. Very grateful for this opportunity for my children, will be sure to take some pictures!!

    Wonderful! Thank you so much!! Our family are so grateful to have this opportunity.

    This is so amazing thank you so much it is very much appreciated.

    That’s so awesome thank you so much!!

    That is exciting to hear that we have received funding I'm so excited to see my children enjoying lessons

    We did pull out recently - because of cost! Such a good outcome to get some funding!

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