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Team Kapo, My Coast to Coast Journey

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Help assist in getting Dave Piper, a legally blind athlete and Captain of Team Kapo (Blind), to the start line of the Coast to Coast!

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About 11 years ago my eyes viewed the last of any useable vision of this world when my degenerative condition finally rendered me blind (Kapo in Te Reo Maori). Whilst my eyes had died my body hadn’t, so began my hikoi as a blind weekend warrior. I’m no elite athlete, what I am is one determined bugger who just refuses to say no to challenges. I’ve ticked off an Ironman 70.3, three marathons, an Ultra Off Road Marathon, the 160km Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, somehow the Ruapehu Goat Mountain Run, and now in my sights is the Coast to Coast next February.

I’ve got a tandem bike to pedal, I’ve just purchased a tandem kayak to paddle, I’ve got an old rugby sock or two sitting in a drawer as a tether on the run and most importantly I’ve got a friend called Josh who’s joining me on the bike, in the kayak and grabbing the other end of the sock as my guide. What we haven’t got is endless funding for the entry fee and our recent kayak purchase, as well as living in Wellington we face upcoming travel, accommodation and freighting for the 8th and 9th February race Days plus enabling us to attend organised lead up training weekends.

Any help towards getting to the start line of the Coast to Coast would be greatly appreciated! Please be in contact if you have any questions.

Many cheers from Team Kapo (Blind),

Dave Piper and his trusty tethers

Josh Thomas (guide)

Olivier Lacoua (running guide)

Use of Funds:

Use of funds towards entry fee, kayak, equipment and travel costs.

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Josh Thomas


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Josh Thomas.

“Kia kaha Dave! You're a bloody legend.”
“Rock it guys. And have a heap of fun.”
“"In the end its not the Mountain we conquer but ourselves" go well my Achilles Brothers.”
“you are already winners”
“You’re an inspiration Dave! Good luck with the race, you and Josh will be amazing!!”
“All the best! :)”
“Kia ora Bro Amazing! couldn't ask for a better guide either, go hard!”
“Was so fab to run with you both and hear about the big adventure! Super inspiring!! Wishing you guys the very best!!! :)”
“Get it Joshie!!!!”
“Such a good human mate ! Keep it up !”
  • $1,290.00 donated
  • 19 generous donors

$1,290 donated

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