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NZ's only human-powered racing submarine: Taniwha

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Help students at the University of Auckland bring innovative concepts to life with a new Taniwha Submarine; faster, sleeker and smarter.

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Taniwha is a human-powered racing submarine constructed by students at the University of Auckland. it is the only human-powered submarine in the Southern Hemisphere! The submarine is the equivalent to a bicycle underwater. The pilot hops inside and pedals to rotate fins on top and bottom, propelling the submarine forward. Hydraulics are used to flex the tail and rotate hydroplanes to maneuver the submarine. Check out the recent media exposure:

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Students have been working on the submarine since 2014 and are currently the world champions for non-propeller submarines! They are now looking towards making a new version of the Taniwha; faster, sleeker and smarter. For this we need your support. We have gained a mammoth of knowledge from our experiences and wish to employ this into a futuristic underwater vessel.

$30,000 would build the entire submarine however here is a basic break down on what money would be used for:

$10,000 for a new, sleeker, hull.

$8000 to develop a process for moulding our own propulsion fins. This will open up a new area of research for the team

$5000 for a new pedal mechanism

$5000 materials for control and maneuverability mechanisms

$2000 for in-built sensors and feedback to the pilot. The smarter our submarine is the better it can perform.

If you have a passion for underwater technology or seeing New Zealand engineering on the world stage please give us your support. And if you want to come and check out our hard work contact us through Facebook. Though the submarine is currently on its way to the UK to be raced in the European International Submarine Races.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, check out our Facebook page and subscribe to us on YouTube.




Page created by:

The Biomimetics Lab founded the Taniwha project in 2014 and has been hosting the submarine ever since.

All funds raised benefit:

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of University of Auckland.

  • $650.00 donated
  • 12 generous donors

$650 donated



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