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Hoping. Healing. Believing. Team Tiago

on 4 Dec 2017

Sarah asks

Hi. My daughter too has cancer but when I've looks at vit c infusions I got told she's too young... can you help me...

My page is Charlie's challenge...otherowse email me

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on 23 Feb 2015

sally asks

My Name is Sally Caldwell. I am a therapist who specialises in Vibrational Medicine/ Energy Medicine. I work in Parnell. There are many books written about this field of treatment.. Bruce Lipton, a world renown cellular biologist who wrote The Biology of Belief, Richard Gerber M.D. who wrote Vibrational Medicine James Oschmann Energy Medicine etc. There is so much international research about this field due to the development of science and quantum physics. If you are at all interested in trying this non invasive treatment I would like to offer my services free for however long is needed to help your son. It would be confidential. My cell phone number is 021 965 991.

Thanks Sally.

Xani and Anna

Kia Ora Sally.

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your message... We passed on your message and details to Jo when it came through... Thank you so much for your offer of help!

Jo is managing all the different treatments for Tiago so well but as you can imagine sometimes it is pretty overwhelming! But, she never stops researching!

Thank you again.

Xani and Anna Ronaki-Kenney
on 19 Feb 2015

Howard asks

Hi Xani and Anna, in lieu of a donation, I'd like to offer Jo a complimentary online MindBody health coaching package valued at over 3k. MindBody health coaching is a bit like mental skills training for an athlete, except it's got a health focus. It'll help Jo to get in the right space to let go of the 'scary thoughts' in her head and Tiago will gain great strength from the shift in mum! For more info, please view my website My email address is Best wishes, Howard Christian (The MindBody Doc)

Xani and Anna

Thank you so much for this offer ... Sounds fab! We have past it on to Jo and she seems really enthusiastic about it! Thank you again for this generous offer! Anna and Xani

Xani and Anna Ronaki-Kenney

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