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Tegan's (Chicken) chasing a grand slam victory against Stage 4 Bowel Cancer + Lynch Syndrome

  • Jools

    Julie asks

    I've also got Lynch Syndrome MSH6, and have had ovarian cancer and colon cancer, and certainly was not considered not to be a candidate for chemotherapy, in fact I've had two courses of it, and one of radiation (and am missing a big chunk of my colon).

    However I was much older when diagnosed.

    So, I'm curious as to what strain of Lynch Syndrome we're dealing with here, as anybody that knows anything about it knows there are vastly different outcomes for different strains.

    20 days ago

    • Jo Rule


      Hi. Thanks for getting in touch. Here is a message from Chicken + we wish you the best of luck with your journey!

      Yeah the lynch panel is quite big, they have found five different genes make up the panel. Based on the cells they tested from the tumour in my bowel it is missing the MSH2 & MSH6 gene. I’m currently going through all the genetic testing to 1) found out more & 2) find out where it has come from (what side of the family ). It’s not that chemo “won’t” work, but more that it will have little effect on me, so I would go through all the sickness of chemo with minimal benefits. Hence the reasoning behind Keytruda as that has proven through lots of testing & in various treatments to be highly beneficial in reducing tumour sizes & stopping those cancer cells before the amount to anything 😊

    • Jo Rule


      Thanks Nicky. We have passed this on.

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    Caroline asks

    Hi Jo, my name is Caroline, I'm a journalist at Stuff.

    I was wondering if Tegan would be interested in having a chat with me for a story on about her grand slam? We'd be happy to link to the Givealittle page of course, which would hopefully help give it a boost.

    Please feel free to pass my phone number on to her, I'm on 027 212 9807. Either way, I wish her all the best moving forwards with her treatment.

    Kind regards, Caroline Williams

    on 23 Jan 2020

    • Jo Rule



      Thanks for getting in touch

      I have passed your message onto Chicken for her to think about. And if interested she will be in touch directly. Have a great day


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