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Tegan's (Chicken) chasing a grand slam victory against Stage 4 Bowel Cancer + Lynch Syndrome - Updates - Givealittle

  • Good Sorts, Ambassador + Lynch Syndrome Day     22 March 2020
    Posted by: Jo Rule
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    Today is Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day. We proudly announce that the Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust NZ have selected Chicken as their newest Ambassador. Find out about Lynch Syndrome below.

    And tonight Chicken featured on TV1’s Good Sorts of the week. Tirelessly coaching and managing our softball team even after the diagnosis + while receiving treatment, Chicken really did take it for the team. We are so proud of her + wouldn’t be without her. Watch the story in the link below.

    Lynch Syndrome is a genetic condition that runs in families and is due to inherited mutations that affect the gene that corrects mistakes in our genes to stop us from getting cancer.

    This hereditary condition increases patients risk of bowel cancer by up to 50% and are generally those who develop bowel cancer under the age of 50 years old.

    Tegan is pushing for awareness around Lynch Syndrome and is urging people to be more vigilant with their health.

    "Those little niggles you have, you can't just ignore them."

    She urges others – especially young people – to be more accepting of the need to visit a doctor.

    To find out more about Lynch Syndrome, click below

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  • PET Scan + Softball results     11 March 2020
    Posted by: Jo Rule
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    Tegan caught up with her surgeon yesterday for her PET scan results. They have confirmed the shadow on the liver is more cancer. So more surgery to come in the next couple of weeks.

    This scan also checked the suspected infected lymph nodes across her body + they have found right behind the main blood supply which runs to her heart, a big ole cancerous lymph node. With this sitting directly behind this main blood supply, it'll make it tricky to remove, so when in for the liver they will check it out + will attempt to take that aswell!

    If they get in there + it’s TOO risky, we will be relying on Keytruda to completely wipe it out, or at least get it to the point it is safer to remove with surgery.

    From Chicken "I’m feeling good + positive, just ready to smash out this fundraising + get myself into the position where I know I can just say I’m ready. I need to start Keytruda ASAP! That’s all from me today have a grand day!"

    Softball Results:

    Tegan's Waitakere Bears Softball team Bad News Bears won the Auckland Division 2 Woman's final in the weekend. And despite not having clearance from the Dr's, Chicken threw herself in as catcher. She did not complain once + gave a stellar performance. Thankfully her post softball check with the surgical team found great results with the healing so far + YES she got in trouble for playing softball. But they checked her for hernias + she passed the test. So it was worth it for the win!

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  • The cost of a terminal life     3 March 2020
    Posted by: Jo Rule
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    Chicken has made an amazing recovery from the surgery to remove the tumour from her bowel. The scars are healing + the positive smile has not left her face. She’s made a return to coaching, bringing home a win with our softball team in the weekend.

    But thats where the good news stops. Lynch Syndrome is now 100% confirmed. This syndrome means her body doesn’t recognise cancer cells, so chemo wont work + is now not an option.

    Instead Tegan needs needs the drug Keytruda. Keytruda is an immunotherapy treatment & will work alongside her own immune system to fight the cancers. But Keytruda is an unfunded drug.

    Here’s the kick in the guts. Basically in the eyes of the public health system Tegan is terminal. So her life now has a cost. She is looking at $112k year.

    Message from Chicken: “I’m not one to put my hand out, but i need shares, I need everyone to know my face, friends & family I NEED HELP!

    Please help me get this message as wide as possible! If you don’t have a small amount to donate, please just give me a share 😊“

    And please sign the petition to the government for funding of Keytruda

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  • Home sweet home     14 February 2020
    Posted by: Jo Rule
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    Following a successful surgery to remove Nigel the tumour + his lymph node mates, Chicken is home. Thank you all for your continued support and messages. Time for rest before the chemo begins.

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  • One sleep until surgery, batter up     6 February 2020
    Posted by: Jo Rule
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    Less than 24 hours until the first surgery. Tomorrow is D day for the removal of the tumour “Nigel No Mates”. Work has stopped + the battle for life will begin.

    We sit here nervous for you, with it constantly on our minds. So we can only imagine how Chicken (Tegan) + her family feel right now.

    But she is brave, confident, stubborn and positive. The perfect combination for the win. Time to bat it out of the park Chicken! You’ve got this.

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  • A thank you message from Chicken     27 January 2020
    Posted by: Jo Rule

    I am absolutely overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity people have shown me so far! Friends, family & strangers doing what they can to help me & my family through this tough time. If I haven’t thanked you personally yet, it is coming. Slowly making my way through everyone who has donated to tell you how truly grateful I am! A BIG thank you to my family who is by my side every step & got me to Christchurch for the weekend to spend some time with 95% of my tribe. And a massive thank you to my darling Courtney for being there for me, putting up with my s**t & being a trooper through my smartass comments & inappropriate sense of humour.

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  • 21st January 2020 The News from Chicken     22 January 2020
    Posted by: Jo Rule
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    Chicken's news:

    "Prepare yourselves i’m about to drop a bomb, get it over & done with in one go... so here goes! bare with me, not a quick & easy story.

    A week ago today my life was perfect. My family & loved ones are healthy, i was healthy, i’m with the absolute love of my life & everything is going so well.

    until Wednesday hit and the world around me came crashing down.

    Had to have a yuck procedure to be pulled aside to be told at the age of 26 i have bowel cancer. with a 4cm Tumor in my large intestine. & that’s all we knew and knew we’d be spending a lot of time at the hospital.

    Had an appointment with my surgical team this morning. really lovely group of people and my surgeon is very blunt but that’s good. Not the outcome we wanted...

    Stage 4 bowel cancer, teetering on curable but they are confident we have a little bit of time. I've been diagnosed with lynch syndrome which is a genetic abnormality that causes heaps of different kinds of cancer not normally until 40's but here we are...

    Also there is a spot on my liver that needs to be investigated more... I have been referred for an MRI for that & have an appointment with the anesthetist on Tuesday to prepare for surgery. surgery will be within the next 6 weeks & possibly next Friday provided they have the cancellation they think might happen.

    1st step is surgery to remove the tumor in my bowel & all the surrounding lymph nodes as they should be smaller than 1cm & they are 4cm, 3-4 weeks recovery for that & then 3 months of chemo.

    once that is done we move to my liver. which will be liver surgery 3-4 weeks recovery & another 3 months of chemo.

    Still in a good head space and just need to stay positive. & all the support we can get will be amazing cause it’s gonna get tough but we got this.

    Even though my life & everyone’s lives around me has been turned upside down i have the greatest people around me & my rock Courtney right by my side. & my amazing family has really stepped up & done some truly kind things for us. my Hollier tribe is incredible. & my friends that are more like family, you guys are all my MVPS"

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