Terminal Brain Cancer: Help the Moanas

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George has recently been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Help provide practical support to his wife Nicole and their 3 children.

Manawatu / Whanganui

George is 33 years old and has been married to Nicole for almost 7 years. He is the father of 3 amazing children; Jade (11 years), Ezekiel (4 years) and Willow (1 year). Earlier this year, right before lockdown, George discovered a lump on his cheek and was experiencing a lot of pain. After several weeks of enduring this, Nicole made George go to the local after-hours medical centre for assessment. Due to the lockdown restrictions, George was unfortunately misdiagnosed with a tooth abscess and sent home with antibiotics. After this course of antibiotics, he was prescribed several more different types of antibiotics; all the while the tumour was growing rapidly behind his left eye and dangerously close to his brain. Eventually, a CT scan of the growth showed it was abnormal, and subsequently George was diagnosed with cancer.

At the end of May, George underwent surgery where the growth, his left eye, much of his upper jaw and most of his teeth on his left side were removed. George then travelled a daily 2 hour return trip for 6 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. The Doctor's hope for George was that after all of this, he would be cancer-free.

Three months later, George had follow-up scans to see if treatment had been effective. George had a CT scan which the Doctors said looked very good and from what they could tell, the images showed no cancer. An MRI came next, just to be 100% sure he was in the clear.

Last week George and Nicole met with his Doctor and he gave them the devastating news that the cancer has spread to his brain, into his nerves, and is tracking towards his brain stem. When cancer reaches the nerves, it is not curable. George has been given a terminal diagnosis.

George and his family are understandably in shock, and riding the roller coaster of emotions. They don't know how much time they have left together as a family; these things can take months, and have also been known to take years. George and his family are doing their very best to make the most of every day they have left together.

This is where your help would be most valuable; due to George's life insurance policy having minimal cover, they are now facing the stress of paying for a funeral, mortgage, and other ongoing living costs. The financial support from funds raised will mean that George has the peace of mind that his wife and children will be looked after. It also means George and Nicole will be able to focus their remaining time together making memories as a family.

Anneke Pati's involvement (page creator)

I am a friend of George and Nicole's, and want to make sure their family is looked after during this time.

Use of funds

Funds received will go towards funeral costs and help to support Nicole and the kids when George is gone. With less worry about these things, the Moana family can focus their attention on making memories and planning a final trip together.

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Latest update

Update from Nicole  11 May 2021

Posted by: Anneke Pati

It is with the most heaviest and most broken of hearts that I write this post. Late last night (Sunday 2nd May) our beautiful George took his final breath. His dad was by his side. Thank you all for your love and support throughout this journey and now as we head into this new chapter. Much love to you all.

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Mark on 31 Aug 2021
So sorry for your news I hope and pray this time cements love and memories x
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PD on 27 May 2021
Get Well Soon. God Bless

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