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My dad had a stroke. To live,he needs housing modifications a power wheelchair and eye surgery to achieve a basic quality of life.


A few months ago, my dad attempted suicide. He had a stroke over a year ago and is paralysed down his right side. Cognitively, his mind is fine, but he isn’t eligible for much support in NZ. He spends most of his days sitting in an armchair with limited mobility and minimal support. His suicide attempt brought up a lot of unresolved issues and I spiraled into a deep depression. I stopped everything; social media, my PhD, even talking to friends. I am still terrified he may attempt again, and I suspect he will unless he gets the support needed to live. He needs surgery to correct his sight problem urgently and then he will be able to use a power wheelchair and other aids and return to a meaningful life. From my own experience, this means utilizing a holistic approach that will give him a sense of autonomy and purpose. The money raised will be used to purchase a power wheelchair and make accesibility modifications to his home. It will also cover his eye surgery if needed as its unclear at this stage whether the public health service will cover this. I know these things will help him on his way to reclaiming a sense of who he was; a fit, healthy and active man who loves the outdoors, nature and his family. I am my fathers daughter, I have also attempted suicide but through my experiences, I know that counselling alone is not enough, especially if you have recently become impaired. His environment needs to change. His perception of himself needs to change... but he will need support and help to achieve this. This is my goal; to give him back a life he loves. Please take a look at the YouTube story I put together that goes into this issue in more depth.



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I am raising money to help pay for housing modifications a power wheelchair and corrective eye surgery.

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Due to my fathers suicidal mental state, he requires housing modifications, and a power wheel chair to regain a sense of Independence and well-being. In addition funds will be used for corrective eye surgery if the public health system will not cover this.

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You helped save his life  25 March 2021

Thanks you. I'm not sure what else to say but you helped saved my father's life. He is mobile, getting out and about and feels he has his life back now he can get around in his new, lightweight power wheelchair and sight after eye surgery (this disqualified him from eligibility of a state funded power wheelchair). You are all amazing. Thanks you, thank you, thank you... and my dad thanks you too. Arohanui, much love from the Freeman family, especially me, Claire Freeman and Phillip Freeman (dad).

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Because few people would be so dedicated as you xxx
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Love from the US!
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