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The Avery-Kahukura Family

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    Haydn & Adeline asks

    Hi Angela, we are really sorry to hear of the sad story of the Avery-Kahukura Family. Our heart-felt condolance to them. We pray for comfort and help from God for them. We have given our donation on the page. We wonder if we can be of help in any other way to the children; as they would no doubt be going through a difficult time, being so young. If we can be of help, please contact us . We live in Christchurch but could arrange to visit if we know where they are living.

    Love & Prayers, Haydn & Adeline

    on 22 Sep 2019

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    Stacie asks

    Hi my names Stacie, my heart goes out to your family! I couldn’t begin to imagine the pain and grief your all experiencing. Please can you tell me where your located what suburb? Do you need anything for the kids or baby? I have baby girl and baby boy Newborn to 1 year clothes that I can donate for baby. Even breast milk donation? Do the kids need anything? I can hunt around. I’m not in a position right now to donate money but I wish I could I will share this for you. Please accept my virtual hug. Xxxx so sorry. Sending all my love

    on 21 Sep 2019

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