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The Button Memorial (Children’s Holocaust Memorial)

  • $5,311.00 donated
  • 40 generous donors
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This Memorial gives a voice to the children who perished in the Holocaust and ensure that such hatred may never be allowed to flourish.

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Between 1939 and 1945, 1.5 million children were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators, including over a million Jewish children, tens of thousands of Romani children and children with physical and mental disabilities. This Memorial, consisting of one button for every child lost, seeks to honour and give a voice to these children.

This project started at Moriah College in Wellington in 2008, where students initiated the collection of 1.5 million buttons to comprehend the sheer vastness of the number, and they received support from all over the world.

The Memorial incorporates a selection of variously sized "nesting tables", each increasing in size and volume of buttons.

The Memorial was launched in November 2018 at the National Library of New Zealand. It will remain there until April 13th 2019, and then progress to Christchurch Central Library. Later this year, it will travel to Auckland and then to other destinations after that

Use of funds:

This project aims to raise a base target of $90,000. This would support the creation of the memorial itself, as well as running costs.

Thanks to a private donor, every dollar you donate will be matched.

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The Holocaust Centre of New Zealand mission is to:

1. Ensure that the memory of the Holocaust remains in the present, and shapes our future.

2. Work and converse with all of NZ society.

3. Teach and encourage people to take individual responsibility for opposing prejudice in all of its forms.

4. Guard against attempts to make any group a target of mass prejudice.

5. Encourage respect for diversity.

“If everyone gave $1 it would be funded!”
“It will be wonderful to display beautifully the poignant collection of 1.5 million buttons for the children killed.”
“Never Again”
“Kol Hakavod!”
“A beautiful idea for the children lost.”
“I read the Diary of Anne Frank in my early teenage years many decades ago, have the 200 edition of the Diary, visited the first Anne Frank touring exhibition, and took part in one button cleaning session [so far], but haven't given a donation until now.”
“On behalf of the Brooklyn school kids who visited Monday 14 May.”
“Hope all goes well in raising the amount required for this very important memorial.”
“Let’s make this happen!!! Let the children’s voices be heard!!!”
“The memorial is a great idea.”
  • $5,311.00 donated
  • 40 generous donors

$5,311 donated


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