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Given by 21 generous donors in around 8 months

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Mongol Rally 2018 Fundraising Page

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Ralph Gallyer, Megan Taylor, Dylan O’Neill and Woody Bradley are coming together to form The Dusty Kiwis - a team who, in July 2018, are going to take on one of the wildest adventure races in the world, and raise money and awareness for charities along the way.

On the 15th of July, we will be racing out of Prague in a tiny car, not much bigger than a lunchbox, as we set off on the Mongol Rally. As we cross steep mountain terrain and vast deserts, the race will take us across all of Europe, the Eurasian Steppe, on through Mongolia, before finally finishing in Siberia. 1 car, 8 weeks, 18,000kms, 2 charities, 1 massive adventure.

Taking part in the Mongol Rally won’t be all about the road - for us it’s also about raising funds and awareness for the Mental Health Foundation, as mental health in New Zealand undoubtably suffers greatly. The taboos around the subject still need to be broken down, so that our friends, family, and greater communities are not afraid to reach out for help. We believe that there are so many people out there suffering with a mental health issue that have the potential to do great things, but struggle to do so because they need to ask for help first.

We will also be raising funds for Cool Earth, who work with local communities around the globe to protect the rainforests and find ways that humans and nature can work together sustainably. With global warming constantly on the doorstep, we need to collectively work together to reduce human impact on the climate, and make sure Earth is liveable for all future generations and wildlife to come.

There will be no back-up, no support crews or easy-route options from the organisers. The reality of breakdowns occurring is inevitable. The bottom line is that we’re just a group of good mates with a rust-bucket and a finish line to cross. To achieve this, we will be relying on not only our wits and the support of each other, but also the help of many friendly locals to put a roof over our heads and tow us through the mud when needed along the way. In addition to this, we’ll need the help of our supporters back home as we fundraise to reach our charity donation goals, (and maybe for a few pennies as we dip into the fuel kitty too).

If you wish to donate to either of these great causes, please click on the link to our Give A Little page.

Dare to care!

The Dusty Kiwis (Dylan O'Neill and Ralph Gallyer)'s involvement (page creator)

The Dusty Kiwis are hoping to help people overcome their mental health issues so that they may be the best person that they can be, and to inspire others to help restore the earth.

Use of funds

All funds raised will be split evenly between the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and Cool Earth. It makes no difference if we exceed our target, all funds raised through this page will still be going to the charities.

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    Guest Donor on 14 Jul 2018



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    Guest Donor on 03 Jul 2018



  • Zoe

    Zoe on 22 May 2018


    Give em hell boys and girl!! Looking forward to following your adventure :) xx


  • Kathy and Craig Blockwick

    Kathy and Craig Blockwick on 18 May 2018


    Have a great travels!


  • Viv Wilkinson

    Viv Wilkinson on 14 May 2018


    Good luck!


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$3,050 of $5,000 goal

Given by 21 generous donors in around 8 months

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