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The Ferrymead Railway Railcar Shed

  • Ferrymead Railway Railcar Shed - A Final Update on Give-A-Little

      9 July 2022

    Hello there,

    Our Resource Consent Application is nearly complete and we hope to have it submitted soon!

    We have been working with a fantastic Specialist Resource Consent Planner who has done a massive amount of work resolving any potential issues with the RMA and our Land. We are immensely grateful for this assistance!

    As we have reached 10 months since the Railcar Shed Project was launched on Give-A-Little we have raised 1/6 of the funds hoped for.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all that donated towards this cause!

    Whilst we didn't reach the fundraising goal, rest assured that these funds are dedicated towards the Railcar Shed Project and will be used towards any further consenting fees along with any other project costs that come up.

    We have decided to close the Fundraiser on Give-A-Little and start looking at other ways of raising funds towards this necessary project.

    If you did want to make a donation towards this project, feel free to Donate via our main Give-A-Little Page, Support us by riding our trains or Contact Us directly as we would love to hear from you. :-)

    That's all for now, make sure to follow for updates on our Facebook Page, Website or On-Site and we look forward to seeing you soon.

    From The Ferrymead Railway Team and The Canterbury Railway Society Inc - Thank you.

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  • Update on Railcar Shed Progress

      30 March 2022

    We are currently working with a Professional Planner who has offered their services to prepare the Resource Consent Application and then we will be able to approach Christchurch City Council to confirm any other requirements along with what costs will be involved for consenting. More updates to come!

    We are extending the Fundraising Campaign to enable us to reach our goal, so please share with friends and others that may be interested in contributing to this important project. We appreciate your support!

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  • Update on the PIM (Project Information Memorandum)

      29 January 2022

    Well... we have received back the Project Information Memorandum and its both good and bad news,

    The Bad News is that it looks like we may need a Resource Consent in order to get Building Consent for the project, which we were under the assumption would be the case. But also we will now need to pay for significant Development Contributions which we hadn't planned for/anticipated if Consent is granted.

    Due to the Unique Characteristics of the site at Ferrymead there is concern by Council of the Building being in a Flood Management Area for our Floor Level & being a Open Space Community Parks Zone, so doesn't meet the District Plan requirements since Ferrymead Heritage Park is not a listed activity in the District Plan to exempt it from those requirements.

    If you have visited us before you will know that all our buildings are typically on ground level as that works best for trains rolling in and out, we are hoping to have a Pre-Application Meeting with the Council around the findings and seeing what can be done to progress the project.

    The good news is that if the requirements are satisfied, workarounds are found or Resource Consent Obtained then our project appears to be consentable for Building Consent! So we are keen to get onto progressing this project along and building the permanent home for our Railcar Collection and Diesel Shunters,

    This has however had an impact on the projects planned paperwork costs as we are now looking at:

    - Pre-Application Meeting - Likely Over $200-500.00 incl GST

    - Resource Consent Deposit $4,000.00 incl GST

    Plus any additional processing fees not covered by the Deposit.

    - Development Contributions $9,312.47 incl GST

    Which is more than $13,000.00 or 65% of our Fundraising Goal,

    We hope you can help us achieve our goal and support us with a donation or sharing the link to friends or others who may be interested regarding our project!

    More updates coming soon!

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  • Goal Extended

      28 December 2021

    While we wait for our PIM report to come back from Council we are extending the Givealittle page an extra month so we can keep you updated with what is happening and you can let other awesome people know they still have time to donate!

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  • We are over 10% Thank you! & An Update

      12 November 2021

    Thank you to everyone who as generously donated so far, we have just gone over the 10% mark of the Fundraiser and really appreciate your assistance!

    We are pleased to inform you that we have earlier this week submitted a application for a PIM (Project Information Memorandum) to Council and are awaiting their feedback around any other preliminary work (if any) that needs to be completed before we get a final price for the structure and apply for remaining funds from Grant Bodies.

    Lets keep the momentum up and make sure to share with anyone who might be interested in donating,

    Kind regards,

    Michael L


    Canterbury Railway Society Inc

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  • Plan View of Railcar Shed

      12 October 2021
    Main image

    Progress is continuing of the final design of the Railcar Shed, inset is an image of the Plan View of the Railcar Shed that will house our Vulcan Railcars and includes a Workshop/Storage area to the side. Make sure to share this project with anyone interested in donating as we proceed towards getting the Railcar Shed built.

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  • We've passed $1,500 Thank You!

      21 September 2021

    Thank you to everyone that has donated so far, your support is really appreciated!

    We have just passed $1,500.00 (7.5%) of our funding goal and are on our way to reaching the $20,000.00 we seek to raise.

    Make sure to share with friends that may be interested in supporting our project, and remember every donation over $5 qualifies for Donation Tax Credits with I.R.D.

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