The Fight for Survival

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The Fight for Survival

Christchurch, Canterbury

Brendan was diagnosed in August 2020 with Bowel cancer, he went through chemo and radiation to treat the tumor to shrink it so it would then become operable, the option was to decrease the tumor and operate to remove the cancer and put a stoma appliance (bag) on him then reverse it later. Just before his treatment he had a CT scan, the cancer had now travelled to his liver. January 2021 Brendan had 80% of his liver removed, May 2021 Brendan then had part of his bowel removed and the (Bag) attached. October 2021 Brendan then had the (bag) removed and a CT scan, the scan was clear. Brendan had a check-up scan December 2021, the cancer had come back on his liver and spread to his lungs, Brendan was now terminal.

March 2022 Brendan went searching for an alternative treatment to fight this evil disease to stick around longer for his kids and wife, or even better to become a cancer survivor. This is where he found a drug called Cetuximab which is a non-funded cancer drug in NZ. The cost for this drug was estimated at 50K. Brendan and his mates come up with a plan on how they could get the money to fund this, they started off with a hiss and a roar and raised thousands, this was all thanks to his work MOVe Logistics and some friends of the fund-raising group.

Although there was a lot of money raised, he has fallen short after some unexpected costs like unscheduled scans, consultations etc etc…….

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Unfunded cancer drug called Cetuximab

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New amount for treatment   24 January 2023

The cost for this year is 63K on top of the 56K already raised and spent last year.

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This campaign started on 5 Jul 2022 and ended on 28 Feb 2023.