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🎬 The Journey North Docuseries — Let's empower girls/women in sport participation

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Join us in creating a docuseries which follows the season of an amateur football team to empower girls/women in sport participation.


The Journey North (TJN) is a docuseries following an amateur women's football team over the course of their 2022 football season. TJN was created to empower girls/women and their peers, to take on opportunities they haven’t before such as joining sport, and remind them of the overall hauora benefits from participating even at an amateur level.

We've already started producing the series, but we need your help to complete it.

Watch it here:

What is the series about?

Through TJN we are attempting to change the narrative of gender and sport representation in the media by uniquely focusing on the women’s game. The series will follow 14 games of the New World Newlands - North Wellington FC Premiers team, and each episode will begin with an interview of an individual involved in the team. These interviews give insight into why these individuals are involved in the sport, and the skills (beyond the pitch) and opportunities they’ve gained from participating.

From the interviews, the audience will be taken on a journey to learn about the team, as well as watching highlights of the game and seeing how football shaped the interviewee into the person they are.

We strongly believe all opportunities should be made equally available regardless of gender or background, and hope TJN will help encourage this participation.

The series hopes to address gender inequalities and inequities in sport, sport media coverage and society by showcasing women athletes.

Paul Hallett's involvement (page creator)

I am the coach of the team that is being covered for the season - I would like to help support the videographer as she is doing this voluntarily and working some crazy hours for a great reason. Helping with some of the costs is really important.

Use of funds

To complete the docuseries, we need help with funding our videographer/editor. Each episode takes our videographer/editor approximately 20-26 hours to produce, and we require financial support going forward to complete the series.

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Marilynn on 21 Dec 2022
Graham on 13 Oct 2022
Great to see so many current and former Newlands College students at the club - keep up the good work
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Guest Donor on 31 Aug 2022
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Guest Donor on 30 Aug 2022
Rachel on 20 Aug 2022
Great job so far :)

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