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The Menstrual Movement Initiative ~ Funding Reusable Menstrual Kits

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The Menstrual Movement Initiative was created to enable us to help people in need by funding re-usable menstrual pad kits.

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Our Menstrual Movement Initiative was created to enable us to help people in need by supplying re-usable menstrual pad kits. This is a 100% volunteer run initiative which is funded by a % of our website sales and donations. We donate our menstrual pads kits to contacts and organizations in Africa and New Zealand ensuring they reach those that need them the most.

We currently need to fund and make a minimum of 1000 menstrual kits that are needed by April 2020 and expect that figure to reach well over 5000 within the next 12 months. I have been funding these kits myself for many years however the demand now far exceeds my ability to financially and physically supply these. Within 4 weeks of launching our new volunteer program The Menstrual Movement Initiative we have gone from needing 300 kits to just over 1000!!

These kits are essential for those that do not have access to sanitary products not only in third world countries but right here in New Zealand. A Kids Can survey found that 1 in 5 Kiwi woman either missed school or work due to not having sanitary products.

To fully fund a kit it costs us approx

$25 Basic Pad Kit (includes pads and bag)

$40 Complete Pad Kit (includes pads, soap, underwear, wash cloth, bag)

These kits provide one girl, woman or menstruator enough washable sanitary pads for full time use and will last approx 3 years.

What will we use this money for exactly? While we have received some donated fabric to help make the kits we also need to raise funds to purchase not only more fabric but also the following:

Underwear, laundry soap and personal soaps, washcloths, waterproof bags, more cutting, running costs, sewing machines and sewing supplies (scissors, cottons, ribbons, needles etc).

Our mission is to empower, educate and support menstruating humans around the globe. Working together to remove the stigma around periods and create a period positive movement. To do this we need your support so we can continue supplying pads kits and to continue to support those in the community also doing amazing work in the fight against period poverty around New Zealand and the globe.

Our target we are aiming for to fund the pad kits is $40,000 to $50,000 and will allow us to provide approx 1500 kits. If we manage to raise excess of this amount the extra funds will be use to continue to fund pad kits, purchase of more sewing machines and allow me to continue to provide education around New Zealand. Our vision is to be able to set up a space locally so anyone can stop in and help sew, cut fabric and learn how to make pads. This would enable us to continue to distribute them and provide education and support in communities that need help.

For those that would like to help in other ways you can also look at volunteering to sew pads. If you are interested in purchasing period underwear, menstrual cups or washable sanitary pads please check out our website. All purchases support our cause and enable us to continue to provide these kits to those in need. Please visit our website to learn more about how you can help or

Thank you for your support.

Use of funds

What will we use this money for? To purchase more Fabrics, underwear, laundry soap and personal soaps, washcloths, waterproof bags, running costs, sewing machines, sewing supplies (scissors, cottons, needles etc), instruction and wash/care booklets.

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Open goal  11 December 2019

Posted by: Keela McBride

We have changed out target of $40,000 to open. It seems like such a big target so I am hoping we can reach any amount big or small to provide more kits.

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