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This is to help Corinna, George, Lulu & Nellie grieve and deal with the sudden passing of Tim xxx


Tim Homer passed away suddenly on the 6th of august '17. Leaving behind three of the most adorable children you will ever meet; George, Lulu & Nellie, and Corinna; an incredible rock of a wife and woman.

People have been asking how to be there and help for them, and this is the best way to help.

Rather than flowers or wine (although I'm sure no one will object to wine), helping via this way will give Corinna and the kids time to grieve and heal without the additional stress of all the financial crap that comes with being an adult.

Heather Keats' involvement (page creator)

I'm a good friend of Tim & Corinna, and just want (like everyone else) to help in some way shape or form.

Use of funds

Help with the funeral, pay bills, buy food & allow Corinna some breathing space.

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Latest donations

Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 22 Aug 2017
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 22 Aug 2017
Much Love xx
Chris on 20 Aug 2017
Thinking of you at this sad time. All my love and best wishes for you Corina.
JAX on 20 Aug 2017
Sending you lots of love my friend. Look forward to catching up with you soon xo
Kate Horse
Kate Horse on 19 Aug 2017
Thinking of you all Bushie x

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Paying to a verified bank account of Corinna Homer
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