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Their long journey ahead

  • Thank you

      2 January 2023

    We just want to thank you all for the what you’ve given our whānau at this time. What has been donated will go a long way for these people and will enable them to be near Autumn and Elijah.

    Every single koha, message, comment, share has been so appreciated by us all and we can’t thank you enough.

    Wish you all the best 2023 year and hope you enjoy your holiday.

    Ngā Mihi, Neshaiah x

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  • Update! 🫶🏽

      26 December 2022

    Hey Whānau and Friends, There has been a change in circumstances and we will splitting the funds 3 ways; 1/3 to Autumn's next of kin (Horiana Newport), 1/3 to Elijah's Mother (Sarah Spooner) and 1/3 to Elijah's Father (Shaun Watene). Due to this change we will offer you a refund if you prefer. If you prefer a refund, please get in touch with Givealittle at by 5pm Thursday the 5th of January 2023❤️

    We appreciate everyone who has made a donation and sent their love to us all.

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  • Thank you everyone!

      11 December 2022

    We appreciate the amount of support and koha we have received. It does not go unnoticed and we appreciate every single one of you.

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  • Thanks so much for your support!

      27 November 2022
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    Kia Ora whānau, awesome progress made by both Autumn and Elijah. This is just a quick message to thank everyone who has supported this give a little. We appreciate every cent, every share, every ounce of Aroha shown for Autumn and Elijah during this time!

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  • Update

      19 November 2022

    Hey whānau thank you so much to those who have donated already and will donate from here on out.

    Autumn still remains in Burwood Hospital, Christchurch. She is learning how to use her wheelchair and currently doing physio and gym daily. We are hoping we can get her babies to her soon!

    We can’t even begin to express how proud we are of Autumn for the resilience she shows during this time ❤️

    Lijah has been moved from Wellington Hospital back to Hastings Hospital. The most recent update we have had is Elijah has been moved from the intensive care unit to his own ward. He’s making a lot of progress! He is eating puréed food and thickened liquids and like Autumn, undergoing Physio treatment.

    He can now sit himself up, wriggling to the edge of his bed and standing up with some support.

    We are so proud of Lijah. “Making small steps and big gains” says his dad Shaun Watene.

    Please continue to share the give a little link near and far. And donate when and what you can.

    Everything goes the longest way! And we appreciate every single one of you who have supported these two and their journey.

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  • Thank you!!!

      8 November 2022

    Kia Ora Whānau.

    We appreciate the support from all of those who have shared this link or made a donation.

    Big or small it all makes a difference and we as a whānau would love to thank you for that.

    Our Lij still remains in Wellington and although the steps that have been made by him so far in his recovery journey are small, they’re still steps and we are counting our blessings having him still here with us.

    Our Lil still remains in Burwood hospital Christchurch. Our beautiful sister is paralysed from the waist down and has 3 babies 5 and under. She is making improvements also.

    Our Lij and our Lil are very important people to us.

    And also their whānau who are by their side.

    As you can imagine we have had a very tough week laying our beautiful Harmony to rest and has been hard for us to be by Autumn and Elijah’s side.

    However this page has been an amazing start in supporting them from afar for us.

    They have amazing whānau with them right now and we look at helping them during this hard time with the donations made on this page.

    So from our hearts to yours,

    We appreciate you so so much!

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