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The Life of Brennagh McKay

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Brennagh McKay is a beautiful little medical miracle and she needs your help.

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Heroes Sick Kids In Need

This beautiful, cheeky, sparky little friend of mine and her mum, Kathleen, need your help.


Brennagh is very very sick.

Brennagh has Trisomy-18 and is already a medical miracle, who has defied every grisly prognosis landed on her so far, and there have been a few - this one is going to be no different. She is smashing every idea of Trisomy, again and again and again.

This time, once again, the medical profession have decided that palliative care is all that they can do. They don't know Brennagh. And they don't know Kathleen.

Because of how compromised little Brennagh's digestive system is, Kathleen went out on a limb and started collecting donated breast milk to feed to her - high calorie, easily absorbed - genius. And, after just a couple of weeks, this liquid gold is already showing signs of making a huge difference.

Thanks to the support of wonderfully generous mummas all over the country, Brennagh has been getting stronger, despite what the doctors said. And Kathleen knows there is hope, if only we can keep the supply of milk getting to Little Miss B...

Couriers cost money, driving around the countryside collecting from donors costs money (as well as time away from Brennagh), specialist consultancy doctors fees, high nutrient supplements to add into the milk - these all cost money. Not to mention just trying to keep life ticking over for the rest of Kathleen's amazing family, while this situation rolls on.

Brennagh needs about 2 litres of breast milk a day! That's a lot of milky love. And it is a lot of logistics - a lot of couriers and a lot of driving.

This Givealittle request is two fold. Brennagh needs milk and Kathleen needs funds to keep the milk flowing...

Have you got either? Maybe you know a mumma who has more milk than she needs? Maybe you can chip in for a courier or some fuel to get it to this precious little girl.

The McKays are INCREDIBLE, generous people. Inspirational. You can follow Brennagh's amazing story on facebook:

This matters.

Brennagh matters.

Please help.

(To donate milk please contact me on 021447189. Thank you.)

Funds will be used to pay for ongoing doctor's fees, couriers for donated milk from across the country, petrol to collect milk from around the Palmerston North region and to subsidise the beautiful family's income.

Not a cent, nor a drop of milk will be wasted. This is about saving a life.

Page created by:

miranda baker


I can not sit back and watch Brennagh not receive the very thing that is restoring her to health. She deserves this chance. And so does her mum.

All funds raised benefit:

Brennagh McKay

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Kathleen McKay on behalf of Brennagh McKay.

  • $2,473.00 donated
  • 58 generous donors

$2,473 donated

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