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Tim Mac needs your help

Closed Cause page created in the Health category by Anna Bowtell for Tim McIntyre

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Tim has been putting in an incredible, dignified and determined fight for the last few years. Now he needs your help to continue that fight

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Treatment Cancer

Tim is really sick.

We all know that, of course.

But over the past couple of years, Tim’s treatment, his optimism, his energy, and his extraordinary attitude towards life have allowed us to hope he wasn’t as sick as we all feared.

Tim was on a great immunotherapy drug, Nivolumab, and it was working to hold his cancer at bay. Every time we saw him, he’d change the subject from himself and ask after us instead, and he’d absolutely make us believe there was nothing to worry about.

But then the Nivolumab had a rare side-effect. Tim developed auto-immune mediated hepatitis, attacking his liver and putting him at serious risk. He had to come off the Nivolumab, which had been doing such good work, and undertake an intensive course of steroids to rescue his liver.

Tim’s now not on any form of cancer treatment at all, and he needs to be.

Meanwhile, the pain from Tim’s tumours has worsened and worsened, and on the 29th of July it became so severe that Tim was admitted to Mercy Hospice for around-the-clock pain management.

It’s been a really tough few weeks.

But there is a replacement drug for Nivolumab. It’s called Axitinib (also known as Inlyta), and it’s demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in PFS (Progression Free Survival) in the increasingly large number of patients receiving it.

That’s really good news. And Tim can get this drug, but it’s not funded and it’s expensive – anywhere between $7,000 and $9,000 a month.

Which is why we’ve set up this page.

We want to help Tim, Catherine and Clementine pay for that treatment.

But more than that, in a really heartfelt and meaningful way, we want to send Tim our love. We want to show Tim what he means to us. We want to thank him for his friendship and for all the times he’s made us laugh, or given a damn about us, or made us feel better if things weren’t going so well.

This is a get-well card with a beautiful difference - not only will it help Tim, Catherine and Clementine to pay for the treatment Tim so desperately needs, it’s a way of showing Tim we’re here for him, and we’re with him, and we’re truly in his corner.

All of the money will go towards Tim’s treatment for as long as that treatment lasts.

But cancer isn’t only about drugs, it’s about support and belief and hope. By being here, and being part of this, you’re seriously contributing to that, too.

On behalf of everyone who knows and loves Tim, thank you.

Use of Funds:

All funds will go directly to funding the medication required to sustain Tim's health.

Page created by:

Anna Bowtell


Work colleague and friend.

All funds raised benefit:

Tim McIntyre


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Tim McIntyre.

“From a special friend. Keep on keeping on!”
“To one of the most beautiful families we have known. X”
“Tim … the Leader… full of energy and humour and never failing to get the best out of everybody you came across … There is no “I” in your Team… and you have a fantastic Team Tim right with you now … with love and energy.”
“Dear Tim only now found this page. Sending heartfelt wishes to you and ‘your girls’. Hope you are feeling more comfortable with the new treatment. Xxx”
“Tim, I believe you will get through this hard time. Fight! Fight!! Look forward to seeing your big smile soon!! Lots of love from grasshopper xxx”
“pay day = buy Tim more drugs. Gotta love pay day”
“Top Man deserves Top Treatment x”
“All the best Tim.”
“Sending all our love to our special friends: Tim, Catherine and Clementine. xxoo”
“Our love and thoughts are always with you”
  • $83,150.00 donated
  • 441 generous donors

$83,150 donated

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