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Help us to fix our road and make it safe again!

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Help Takaka Primary School and Golden Bay Kindergarten to raise funds to fix our road and make it safe for our kids, parents and community!

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Takaka Primary School traditionally had the main entrance to their school at Wadsworth Street, which means that the road we are fundraising for didn't exist.

Later on the road was developed to enable greater access to the hall and grounds, part of which became home to the Golden Bay Kindergarten at a later stage. We think initially it was put in as a 'driveway', and the high usage was not predicted, however our vast grounds, hall and pool mean that this road is used by the community and has a high number of vehicles using it daily. The one-way road curves past the primary school entrance and up past the kindergarten. It provides access to the hall and dedicated car parking for kindergarten parents, as well as safe pick up space for our primary students.

The road is badly damaged, and despite being patched, high traffic numbers (including buses for the primary school students) mean that the patches do not last. There are now many pot holes and the road is a hazard. On Friday 22 December, the wonderful folk at Fulton Hogan patched the road for free as part of their 'donate a day', which has greatly increased the safety for the short term. We are now setting our sights on raising $90,000 to repair the road, as neither the school and the kindergarten have the funds to finance this without it compromising other projects, such as the primary school New Entrant class redevelopment.

We are asking business and individuals to contribute to this cause and help us to reduce the cost to the Kindergarten and School, so that we can spend the funding we do have on resources for engagement, learning and creativity for our tamariki. If we can raise even half the amount, we will then be in a position to resurface the road during 2017, ensuring ongoing safety of all who use it!

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Takaka Primary School and Golden Bay Kindergarten are situated in Takaka. We are fortunate to have 4 hectares of land, with courts, a swimming pool and a large playground. We are connected by fields to the Community Gardens and Golden Bay High School. Takaka Primary School has a roll of 156 students, and Golden Bay Kindergarten serves around 100 pre-schoolers (from age 2-4). We serve a diverse and proactive community, and our proximity means that we have regular and positive communication with one another.

  • $350.00 donated
  • 6 generous donors

$350 donated


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