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Gramma had money stolen.. no justice

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Given by 6 generous donors in around 6 months


Our Mum/Gramma had her money stolen in the silly season, which left her feeling rather down during the Christmas break.

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It’s just before Christmas and people are getting ready to spend time with there loved ones, grandparents are about to spoil the grandkids with prezzies and there time. Well that was the plan for our 70 year old mum, until she had money stolen, she was able to spend lots of time with us all, but plans for the money had changed. She’s an old school lady, that like many of her generation had done for decades, they pulled out lump sums of cash and held it in her wallet. So off she went to the bank, and pulled out the money, she then decides to stops in to the supermarket on her way home to grab some groceries, she does her little bit of shopping and goes to the check out, as she goes to pay for the groceries she puts her wallet down on the counter and queries an item she has with one of the staff, forgetting her wallet on the counter. Now this is where the theft happened, the people behind her see her wallet and instead of doing what us honest people do and yell out to her just to tell her about it they quickly take it, strip all the cash inside and dump the wallet outside in a trolley before she remembers it. By the time she finished chatting to the staff and remembers her wallet they had gone with all her money she got out at the end of November.

Now we thought that we would eventually get the money back through the court system. Everything was caught on CCTV footage and then the wallet was left outside in the trolley, but due to the commutation issues between the police and the supermarket this evidence may not be retrievable due to the time taken to investigate.

So as a family we thought we would start a give a little page to help her with the amount of money that was taken that day, which was a little over $2000.

If you could help us out with this lovely Gramma with what she has lost it would be much appreciated xx

Aaron Andrew's involvement (page creator)

We felt as a family that we needed to help and the only way we thought we could would be to help raise the funds for gramma that she had lost.

Use of funds

Replacing the money that was stolen from Our Gramma

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Still no justice ufter 6 months  16 May 2018

Posted by: Aaron Andrew

The supermarket has lost video footage and only photos that were printed on the day can be used as evidence. Police are unable to use the photos as evidence as it doesn't show the thief taking the wallet. The supermarket know the person but it seems without the video he cant be charged so it seems our Mum/Gramma will not see her money.

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  • Tammy & Florin

    Tammy & Florin on 30 Jan 2018


    Great idea Aaron. Well done and thanks


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 27 Jan 2018


    Sorry to hear what happened.


    • Aaron Andrew

      Thank you for your support, Mum appreciates it

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 25 Jan 2018



  • Caitlin laird

    Caitlin laird on 25 Jan 2018



  • Tasha

    Tasha on 23 Jan 2018



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$65 of $2,500 goal

Given by 6 generous donors in around 6 months

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