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Underdog Fights Goliath for Justice. Please help us fight injustice done to employees of Fletcher Building..

  • Employment court here we come.

      2 November 2023

    The ERA, determined that FB were not to be added to our Personal grievances as a third party as none of us had an actual employment contract with FB, but instead had employment contracts with their subsidiaries. This was despite our affidavits showing evidence that it was Fletcher Building head office who dictated the mandates to their subsidiaries and that the CEO even went on TV and the media claiming all FB employees were to be mandated. The ERA split hairs and ignored all our evidence and found that FB had nothing to do with the mandate and were not to be added as a third party.

    Also, the ERA decided that those who claimed discrimination on Religious or medical reasons, did not do so within the 90 days required when filing a Personal grievance. This despite the fact that all of us brought up these points with emails and meetings before termination and filed our reasons in the same Personal grievances claim, within 30 days of termination. We all sent in affidavits and attached our evidence that we had done this. This too was ignored and was said that because FB had failed to see our Personal grievance, (got lost in the post and emails apparently by Fletchers) until after the 90 days the religious and medical grounds were not to be added to damages.

    We are appealing both decisions in the Employment Court. If this is not appealed then FB will be able to dictate anything to subsidiaries without recourse to employees of challenging future mandates. Justice needs to be served, not only for us but for future employees & the law.

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  • Appeal

      6 October 2023

    Thanks to everyone of our wonderful donars. We really appreciate your support and kind words.

    Your support gives us a little more courage to continue in our fight for justice.

    This last week our lawyers, Frontline, have made an appeal in the Employment Court against a decision of the ERA.

    We are now waiting on our application to be accepted and then dates of a hearing.

    The process has now taken over 18months and we are having constant delays thrown up by this process and Fletchers.

    However we are hopeful for a win in the Employment Court in regards to our appeal.

    May we ask, please, that if at all possible you spread the news so we get more support.

    Things that will help our story get out is sharing on social media, sharing with friends and family and passing on the link to our page.

    Many thanks again and blessings to you all.

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