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unfunded cancer treatment

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    kevin asks

    can you send me a mailing address for you'se guys? to my address is 14 riverview ct. Ulster park NY 12487. my phone is 845 594-1327. we met ages ago on the sirius i seem to remember. With kooky Leo Snellnick. and if i remember right he helped you when you climbed a crane and it was rotten and the bars were rusted and maybe i am wrong. you wanted me to tell you of saving the seals on the old RW. am i mixing up my Patricia's ? i would love to write to Davy. He is one of my long time friends . We met on the Ceder Lea and he invited me up to Rotterham to his house for a christmas break. he was very tolerant of my american ways. He will like a funny letter from this old clam cowboy from colorado.

    2 days ago

    • Patricia Kouwenberg


      Hello Kevin, you are absolutely right.

      Davey would love to hear from you.

      How funny was Leo and made us laugh all the time.

      Davey’s email address is

      His nz phone number is 0064275053975.


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