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PLEASE!! Give a little to help give our Mum, Wife, Nana, Aunty, Friend, Sister Carolyn, Carol 💕❤️ MORE TIME!

  • Just $10,000 to go so Mum can finish her treatment!!     2 December 2020
    Posted by: Cleon Kinghorn
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    Hi everyone, we are on the home straight for Mum's treatment and are coming to the end of her funds we just need $10,000 more to ensure she can finish her treatment (as had to pay for the Givealittle Admin etc. out of funds raised already which has left us short) ... anything you can spare will be very much appreciated!

    Please help give my mum more time! x

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  • Positive Update ...      13 November 2020
    Posted by: Cleon Kinghorn

    Hi guys, sorry it's been a while .. but I have a positive update for you all.

    Mum got the results of her scan back on Monday and the CT scan looks really good, the breast lump has shrunk to the point where we should have it looked at again by the breast surgeons. They may want her to just complete the chemo part of the course before doing any surgery, but we should begin that process now.

    Have managed to arrange her weekly Greenlane appointments changed to online or over the phone with her actual oncologist for the next visit rather than the young doctor relaying info from the hospital. Eliminates one extra appointment / hospital visit for her.

    Overall, her oncologist is seeing a really encouraging response to treatment, so they now have the opportunity to make the next set of plans.

    Other than getting frustrated now and then that she can't do more, Mum is actually doing great considering - handling everything like a pro, even rocking her beanies and shaven head. She has lost a lot of weight though and needs to eat more meat and veges and drink more water to flush her kidneys

    All very positive overall though. Bloody proud of her - lets go mum!!! X

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  • It's happening ...      15 October 2020
    Posted by: Cleon Kinghorn
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    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I updated you on Mum's journey.

    Since my last update a lot has been happening!

    Thanks to the love and support of everyone both emotionally and financially we have been blessed enough to be able to start Mum's immunotherapy treatment which is an absolute godsend at the moment. Without this paid treatment things might not be so great for Mum right now as her chemo has not reacted too well with her body and she has only had half of the treatments scheduled.

    Her oncologist however is not concerned, as she was given large doses initially so will be still working in her body.

    A positive sign is that her Breast Lump has reduced significantly and her nipple has also popped back out (so far by look and feel - need to have scan to confirm). Then depending on what they see in the scan they want to operate and remove the breast and lymph nodes with the breast cancer asap so very very positive on that primary breast cancer. That way they will be able to focus on the primary lung cancer alone - as having to have chemo drugs for not one but two PRIMARY CANCERS has just been to overwhelming on her body.

    All in all Mum has turned a corner in her mindset which is amazing! She is so determined to fight this and is doing her best to continue a normal life. Obviously a few weeks off the chemo has her feeling almost normal again.

    As for Dad, well he gets to have a new looking wife every day as she has shaved her head (as hair started falling out almost from the first chemo session) and now she is getting used to and loving her new wigs and beanies. Blonde one day, Brunette the next ... and with the wigs comes a cheeky smile and attitude .. god I love her!!

    Finally Mum is being an absolute super star with everything she is having to deal with right now. Her fight game is real strong. With $64,570.23 raised so far, we are so close to getting the full $70,000 she needs to complete the full treatment.

    Thank you all for your support and thank goodness for this treatment as her body is having real issues with chemo. #cancersucks #prayformum x

    Small disclosure: she wouldn't have the pic taken without makeup so I snuck it and then did a sneaky makeup filter on her hehe #whocaresshelooksgreat

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  • Getting in the Ring!      25 August 2020
    Posted by: Cleon Kinghorn

    Ok so Mum is facing a massive week ahead as she steps in the ring and begins her fight against cancer.

    This afternoon is Mums first paid Immunotherapy treatment (thanks to everyone that has helped get her there) and then tomorrow a huge day of 5 hours of Chemo.

    Immunotherapy will be every three weeks and chemo weekly.

    Any suggestions how to make treatment more bareable or even enjoyable for Mum! I would like to turn this stage into a positive because she’s starting the fight and doing something about it rather than a negative thought process ... At hospital or at home - any suggestions welcome!


    Cleon X

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  • So close .. please share!!!      23 August 2020
    Posted by: Cleon Kinghorn
    Main image

    OMG we are sooo close .. Just over $10,000 to go!!! Omg seriously so grateful and blessed with all the love and support! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE so we can give Mum her best chance of more time! If anyone deserves it .. it is her! ❤️💕

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  • Just $25,000 to go ... the hope is real!!     19 August 2020
    Posted by: Cleon Kinghorn

    Good morning Everyone! Wahoo amazing stuff ... We are over half way $45,000 thank you all so much - the hope is real, this is happening with your help ... just $25,000 to go ... mum needs to start treatment next week. Please keep sharing to give mum more time!!

    Please and thank you!!! x

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  • Over half way!!!      17 August 2020
    Posted by: Cleon Kinghorn

    UPDATE.. we are so blown away and so very grateful - THANK YOU you so much to EVERY SINGLE person that has donated so far ... asking for money goes against everything I’ve been bought up to do but extreme times call for extreme measures!!! We are almost at $40,000 which is 4 treatments for mum so so grateful ...just $30,000 to go to ensure she gets the best possible chance at showing this cancer who is boss!! I know not everyone can afford but even if you can please even just share and ask people to give a little to give my mum more time! PLEASE & THANK YOU!! 🙏💕❤️

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  • Thank you ❤️ 2 treatments raised!!! 5 to go !!!      16 August 2020
    Posted by: Cleon Kinghorn

    Thank you all so very very much!!! Honestly we are blown away and so unbelievably grateful for your support. We now have enough for mums first 2 treatments just 5 to go! $50,000 For mum to have the best possible chance she needs to have full 9 treatments of it (capped at $70,000) and without you all we would just be lost so again from Mum, Dad, Shane, Nick and myself & the rest of our amazing family THANK YOU!! 🙏 ❤️💕

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  • First treatment Reached!!      15 August 2020
    Posted by: Cleon Kinghorn

    Wahoo thanks so much everyone this is so exciting !!! Thanks to everyone that’s given to give mum more time thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We’ve hit the first $10,000 so mum can start her treatment .. thank you!! Just $60,000 to go... 🙏🙏🙏🙏 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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