Voices for Luisa (Cochlear Implants)

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Luisa can't hear sounds at all, she has profound hearing loss and we are fundraising to get her to hear for the first time.


First of all, close your eyes, tighten, try to remember... What is the sound of your childhood? It's magic to know that we all have one, don't we?

Just like you, we were marked by a childhood of sounds, songs, laughter, words and surrounds by nature.

Sixteen months ago, we were blessed with the arrival of our little angel Luisa, Luluca, who came to bring us, nothing more than happiness and unconditional love. And we believe we are here to repay all that she gives us, thi is our purpose.

In our incredible daily living, in my new job (the best in the world) as a mother, I noticed a lack of charms from my little girl, to the sounds of nature, songs on TV and I even freaked out one day when I dropped a glass behind her and she simply did not notice.

After a marathon of exams, tension, nervousness, we just figured out that our sweet baby has a bilateral profound hearing loss, which means she can not hear anything from any of her ears, it is completely silent. Our world has fallen, we were disoriented, not knowing what to do. How painful can it be for parents to know that their child will not have the same pleasures of life, or see the world in the same way? At that moment, I just wanted to give my whole hearing to her and leave the world in silence for me while I see her smiling.

With the results of the exams, a great help from extremely competent doctors and audiologists, we found out that we could give our daughter a different chance to live, bring back some of the magic that the world of sounds has and just think of her face when she hears our voices for the first time, it's motivates us even more. Thank God, there is the possibility for hearing and in future develop normal speech hence normal life as possible and this is due to the cochlear implants.

And as we are not eligible to NZ public system due to our visa, we will have to pay for the whole process and the value is very high, but I have faith that we will get help to make this dream possible and that is why we came here to ask for your help with this fundraising.

We count on the help of all, to do with what our angel, can live this world of sounds so wonderful that waits for her out here.

Thanks, Bruna and Marco

Bruna Perin 's involvement (page creator)

Luisa Perin is my 16 months baby and she has profound hearing loss and she needs cochlear implants and we need to raise the money for the surgery and the cochlear processor.

Use of funds

The funds are to buy (Cochlear Nucleus 7), equipment that will allow her to hear for the first time. The whole process will cost NZD $74,000. This is $54,000 for the cochlear equipment and $20,000 for surgery costs. We are fundraising the pending amount.

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Latest donations

Monica on 11 Sep 2018
Bruna, sending all my love and prayers to you and beautiful Luisa
Tio Gu
Tio Gu on 10 Sep 2018
Que Deus te abençoe, meu amor, vamos bater muitos papos!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 10 Sep 2018
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 09 Sep 2018
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 09 Sep 2018

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Created by, and paying to a verified bank account of, Bruna Perin on behalf of My daughter, Luisa Perin
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