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Fencing urgently needed for frolicsome cows

  • Black Sheep working bee - Thank you!

      9 March 2014

    Thank you to all the wonderful working bee volunteers who helped out yesterday at the Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Otaki?. We had a productive day, planting flax, putting in posts, cuddling animals and of course picking up manure! Pi the friendly rescued magpie was very interested in everything we were doing, and in particular in Hannah's pink gumboots! Although the weather didn't look great to begin with, we had a lovely sunny afternoon in the end. Thank you so much everyone!

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  • Pi the magpie who's learning to fly ...

      15 February 2014

    Late last year, one of our caretakers discovered a flegdling magpie while at a gardening job. Pi had a severely deformed leg (probably from a birth defect), and it was obvious he couldn't fend for himself. So she took Pi home, where we fed him hourly until he learned to feed himself. He learned to perch, and then to fly. He can probably be never fully independent, but is relishing an indoor/outdoor life with food always at hand. He has loads of personality, and everyone falls in love with him.

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