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Wasp Wipeout 2018

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    William asks

    Hi all thanks for the great work you do.

    $130 million loss to the economy you say? WOW!! Would you not think if that was the case Central Government would step and at least throw $10 million at this problem, makes financial sense to me. If answer was not enough money to go around at this point in time, then we are doomed, let's lose the tax take of $130 mill "EVERY YEAR" Yeah Nah they prefer to waste money than actually make it, why worry when you can raise a tax on something when you need more. 'EASY" next problem. Gave to buy the bay and will do the same here, do politicians give a little?

    on 19 Jan 2019

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    Abdulghani asks

    I believe that I have recipes that wipe wasps but not bees

    Very easy and very cheep

    Dr. Abdulghani Jaralla

    on 18 Dec 2018

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