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WC4RC - Wine Community for Raymond Chan - Updates - Givealittle

  • We did it. In blistering time!     27 August 2016

    There's probably no better word right now than WOW.

    When we kicked this off on Wednesday night, we expected it to pretty much tick along for a couple of months - and yet in a couple of *days* an amazingly generous wine community (and friends outside it) have not only reached the nominal target, but blown it out of the water.

    The level is now enough to fund the next part of Raymond's Keytruda treatment. At that point, but only then, will the oncologists be able to determine to what degree it’s working and how much more to continue with. Or (and everyone certainly hopes this is not the scenario), it may not be delivering the desired result, in which case paying for more won't be worth it.

    So there’s now a bit of time to pass until it’s known whether more fundraising, to what level, is necessary.

    Many, many thanks from Raymond and Sue meantime. They are absolutely overwhelmed and so grateful for the support, with a depth of emotion that words simply cannot describe.

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  • A message from Sue...     25 August 2016

    Thank you is such a nice couple of words for someone holding the door, giving way or doing something nice. But what everyone has done today, the extreme generosity and words are more than just thank you. You have given hope, generosity and most importantly love.

    Raymond has always been 'grateful' that he has been part of the wine community - he sees dreams, vision and love in each and every wine label and vineyard. He has always wanted to tell the 'story' What all of you had done today (and in the future) whether you have acknowledge who you are or not is given him back the dream, vision and love. This is whether you are part of the wine industry or just enjoy a glass.

    Thank you seems such a short and small amount of words. I do not know how to express how emotional and heartfelt we have felt by the speed and response to the 'Give a little' page, our emails, texts and phone calls. If love alone could cure - he would be cured right now

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  • A huge start!     25 August 2016

    The response so far has been amazing and sincere thanks extend to so many wonderful people in the wine community.

    In a little over a day of properly kicking this off, we've rolled through the half way point with over 100 generous donors.

    Thank you!

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  • A message from Larry McKenna     25 August 2016

    "I don’t know anybody who is more deserving of a “Little Help” than Raymond.

    He has given very generously to the wine industry for a long as I can remember, at least since 1986.

    Raymond and Sue have been fighting this disease for many years and have exhausted all other possibilities of treatment. With this new approach, for which he needs our support, he’s looking better than I’ve seen him since the beginning of the year.

    It needs to go on for a few more months yet, so please help out the best you can." - Larry McKenna

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